Woman makes her fiancé sick after mixing up leave-in-conditioner for cooking oil for a whole WEEK of home-cooked meals


ALTHOUGH it always seems like a romantic idea in our head, we’ll be the first to admit that cooking for your partner can be downright STRESSFUL.

And when you’re faffing over whether your chicken has properly cooked through or if your veg is done, it’s all too easy to make even more little mistakes.

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Hannah Lovatt accidentally made herself and her fiancé unwell by using olive oil conditioner instead of cooking oil[/caption]

One woman who knows a little something about this is Hannah Lovatt – who accidentally used conditioner instead of olive oil for a whole WEEK when cooking for her other half.

We know what you’re thinking: you would NEVER make this mistake. But just wait until you see how similar the spray bottles look.

The 24-year-old, from Mexborough, South Yorkshire, has cooked everything from bacon sandwiches to chicken for her fiancé Becky Edwardson.

But the pair only realised Hannah’s oversight when Becky became unwell and noticed their chicken pasta bake had a strange taste.

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Both products come in a green spray bottle[/caption]

Hannah said: “We hadn’t tasted anything off for a whole week but as soon as we tried the pasta we knew something was wrong.

“We checked all the herbs in the cupboard, read all the packaging and Becky realised I’d been using conditioner instead of oil.

“It was hilarious and Becky was just laughing at me but she’d had an upset stomach and now we know why.”

The couple have just moved into a new home – which is how Hannah thinks she accidentally put her conditioner in her kitchen cupboards.

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The couple have just moved into a new place which is how Hannah believes she made the oversight[/caption]

Mercury Press

Hannah even threw away a frying pan she assumed was faulty before realising she was cooking with conditioner [/caption]

To make matters worse, Hannah had even gone through half a bottle of the spray-on olive oil conditioner – which, in her defence, looks just like her Fry Light oil.

However, the fact that she previously struggled to cook chicken in a frying pan with her hair conditioner probably should have been a tip-off that something was wrong.

“I made some chicken with it and the chicken kept sticking to the frying pan so I got in a huff and threw out the frying pan,” she added.

After realising her mistake, Hannah wrote about the hilarious incident on Facebook – and her post has racked up over 15,000 comments.

She said: “It has gone mad. Everyone is just saying how funny it is.

“I do think I’m quite a funny person but I didn’t think I was that stupid.

“The bottle must have been in the wrong aisle and they do look really alike but the fact that it was Palmers made me laugh.”

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