Woman dubbed ‘Permit Karen’ after calling cops on Black neighbors claiming assault following fight over patio


A WOMAN called the cops on her Black neighbors and claimed they assaulted her following a fight over a patio.

“Permit Karen,” as she has been dubbed online, started a disagreement in Montclair, New Jersey, after she became upset with a neighbor who was planning to install a stone patio in their backyard.


‘Permit Karen’ called the police[/caption]


The woman’s real name is Susan[/caption]

The neighbor in question recorded the incident, and claimed that “Karen,” whose real name is Susan, went onto their property three times in 30 minutes.

“Karen” allegedly asked them a lot of questions about permits for the installations and claimed that, when they didn’t answer her queries, she called the police with false allegations that they had assaulted her, TMZ reported.

The couple told the outlet that Susan has been harassing them for two years, but labeled this week’s encounter as an example of “white entitlement and Black hate embodied.”

After the video was posted, TMZ reported that a group of local youths organized a protest on the block.

The outlet said that other neighbors on the block also “gave Susan hell” and claimed she was trying “to put her Black neighbors back in their place” by calling the police.

The Montclair Police Department told TMZ that “officers responded to a dispute between neighbors … at this time, the matter is under investigation.”


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