Weight loss: Drinking more of a certain drink burns calories and increases weight loss


Dr Deborah Lee has shared her tips with the Express.co.uk on how to consume it. She said: “Making vinegar a regular part of our diet, it seems, may well be a useful tool in our long-term battle to lose weight, and keep it off.”

She said: “In 2009, one Japanese randomised controlled trial reported some favourable results about the dietary intake of vinegar on weight loss. In this study, the vinegar used was apple cider vinegar.”

The expert went on: “By week 4, reductions in BMI and Body Fat Ratio (BFR) was seen to decrease in the vinegar group. By 12 weeks this was statistically significant.

“Waist circumference and, waist-hip ratio, and blood levels of triglycerides all started to decrease from week 8.


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