Vikings season 6 part B: Will Torvi follow Lagertha to Valhalla?


With many of the main characters having already been killed off, it is safe to say there is absolutely no knowing who will go next.

The producers are not afraid to wipe out some of the most pivotal characters, so if Torvi joins the battle, she may be the next to go.

As a new mother, she is in an even more vulnerable position, and this could set her up for danger.

Fans have praised her character development across the series, with one fan saying on Twitter: “@gee_hirst is absolute kills in @HistoryVikings.

“You don’t realise how pivotal her character really is. Amazing actress and proper bad***.”

Besides Vikings, the actress has only starred in a couple of other projects, including the 2018 film Ravers.

The star has struggled during the coronavirus outbreak as she suffers from a lung condition, and she went into self-isolation.

Vikings season 6 part B will air later in 2020


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