Tricky brainteaser asks if you can spot the spade hidden among these buckets in this head-scratching seaside scene


IF the damper weather this week has made you miss sunny summer days on the beach, we’ve got the perfect distraction.

Why not take your mind off the rain with this tricky beach-themed quiz?

70 per cent of people couldn’t find the hidden spade in under a minute

Nothing says summer like a relaxing day at the beach, building a sand castle with the kids or lounging on the sand.

And now Brits are being challenged to put their observation skills to the test by finding the spade hiding among the buckets in this head-scratching seaside scene.’s clever brainteasers will make even the most eagle-eyed person scratch their head.


In fact, 70 per cent of people couldn’t find the hidden spade in under a minute.

Centred around things that remind us of summer, each Gala Bingo brainteaser features an out of place item that needs to be spotted, but how long will it take you to find it?

The tests have had people squinting and staring, trying to figure them out, but how will you fare? Scroll down for the answer.

There it is! The hidden spade can be found on the right side of the image

How did you do?

The real beach will hopefully be back on the menu in coming weeks, as hot weather is set to return later in July.

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Or challenge yourself to find the lipstick hiding in this picture.

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