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The Fall cast: Who is Laura Donnelly? Meet the Sarah Kay star

“The focus was on the vulnerability of the victims.

“I have to be honest, it was a tough role. When I read the script I knew it would be challenging.

“That’s what attracted me to it, that idea of not knowing how I’m going to get there with the role.

“I couldn’t really go and interview women who have been attacked like this, but like any woman who has ever felt vulnerable, you can imagine the fear.

“I’m not really into method acting – the way I was taught was the good old-fashioned British way of just doing your research and getting on with it.”

Reflecting on her character’s fate, she said: “It’s actually kind of cured me. I was living in The Europa when we were doing the filming and you feel safe in a hotel.

“If I’d been going home on my own every night, it would have been a different matter.

“I had friends and family ringing me after it was broadcast, wondering if I was OK but I actually felt a lot less vulnerable after filming.”

The actress added: “It was a sort of cathartic experience.”

The Fall is streaming on Netflix now


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