The Deceived: What happened at the house at Knockdara? Is the house haunted?


The Deceived is a new psychological thriller series on Channel 5 and it is set in Northern Ireland. Lecturer Michael Callaghan (played by Emmett J Scanlan) owns the family home, which he used to share with his wife Roisin (Catherine Walker) before she died. Fans are wondering what really happened at the house at Knockdara, and whether the house is haunted.

What happened at the house at Knockdara?

Viewers were left feeling spooked as soon as they saw the creepy house in Northern Ireland, where Michael was staying.

Ophelia (Emily Reid) had managed to track him down and when she arrived at the house, she too felt scared.

The house was damaged during the fire which killed Roisin, which made it look all the more desolate.

As soon as Ophelia entered the house, she felt its dark past and said she wished she would have turned back.

She started hearing strange noises and she later spotted what she believed to be the ghost of Roisin outside.

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She came across Roisin’s old writing room, which was where the strange noises had been coming from.

Fans are wondering whether the ghost of Roisin is starting to haunt the house in order to drive Ophelia out.

However in the trailer for the series, a voice is heard saying: “The man who built this house shook hands with the devil.”

With this in mind, there is a possibility the hauntings go back much further in history.

The house has been in Michael’s family for many generations, so there is a possibility others have died there.

Fans have been talking about the ‘haunted’ house on Twitter, with one saying: “It’s so good, I’ve jumped a few times already. Great to have [Emmett Scanlan] and Emily Reid back on TV.”

In the series, Michael had written a book called The House at Knockdara, which is about to be published.

Walker also commented on how the filming location impacted the series, saying: “We were filming in this amazing but kind of spooky house that reminded me of Mandalay from ‘Rebecca’.

“It is a beautiful building but it definitely felt like there was something in the energy of those walls.”

Shelley Conn, who plays Roisin’s best friend Ruth, said: “The house, Knockdara, is pretty special, it’s a beautiful place with incredible views, but it does have a spooky element to it.”

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In the trailer for the series, Ophelia looked frightened and she tries to convince everyone she is not mad.

Fans are waiting to find out if the spooky house is messing with her sanity, or whether it really is haunted by ghosts.

She was convinced she saw Roisin from the window, but it could have been just a figure of her imagination as she feels guilty.

Ophelia continues to hear strange noises around the house and she is not the only one who believes it is haunted.

Killough Village in County Down acted as the filming location for Knockdara in the series.

In episode two, fans will be waiting to hear Michael’s explanation as to why Ruth is so worried about Roisin.

When Ophelia saw Roisin outside, she looked distressed, so fans are thinking she may have been hurt by Michael before the fire.

If Roisin wants to get revenge on Michael for betraying her, her ghost may be about to cause more panic in the house.

Fans will have to wait and see whether the strange happenings are real, or if they are all in Ophelia’s head.

The Deceived continues on Channel 5 at 9pm


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