The Chase’s Bradley Walsh faces backlash from fans for halting show ‘Get on with it!’ 


The Chase fans were left furious with Bradley Walsh this evening due to his constant chatter with the players before each round and the comments he made in between each question when they faced the board and Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett. So much so, the backlash online was immense and they begged Bradley to stop making conversation and “get on” with the quiz show instead. 

Today, it was the turn of Tam, Dave, Eleanor and Debbie to face Mark and Tam, a 57-year-old bus driver, was up first and he managed to answer three questions correctly, but it wasn’t long before he was caught and eliminated. 

Dave, a 35-year-old environmental consultant stood in front of Bradley next and between the two of them, they managed to waste a fair amount of minutes making small talk. 

“Next to face the Chaser is Dave,” Bradley introduced. “Welcome to the show Dave, you alright?”

“A little nervous,” he replied but Bradley interjected: “Don’t be nervous, be cool. Ok, now look, do you quiz at all?” 

“A little bit, I do pub quizzes,” Dave said and the host added: “That’s a lovely Irish lilt you have there – where are you from?” 

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Dave revealed Dublin was his current residence and then explained his profession. 

“You know one of these windmill things, they’re massive, aren’t theyYou see them in the middle of the field and think, ’they’re quite big’. But when you stand next to them, they’re really big,” Bradley remarked. 

“What happens to that energy then? Does that get stored?” 

“At the minute they don’t really store them, they’re trying to work on really big batteries for storing. But it just goes directly into the grid as they’re turning,” Dave explained. 

“As they’re turning they go into the grid, into the pylons, through the wires and into your house. That is amazing. Have you ever been at the top of one?” Bradley continued. 

“He asked him about 2 minutes ago where he’s from! #TheChase,” someone else commented. 

Despite the excessive chatter, Dave managed to accumulate £4,000, and while Mark tempted him with a hefty £34,000 high offer, the player remained in the middle of the board. 

The game was then on, and those watching at home saw Bradley discuss each question and the possible answers, as well as the correct answer with Mark, elongating the time Dave spent at the board. 

“I’ve never heard of Niger ever, never, ever, ever, ever and I’m 37!” Bradley joked. “Never heard of it!” 

“You ever heard of that as a country?” He turned and asked the other teammates and then asked the contestant: “Have you, Dave?” 

“It’s just north of Nigeria,” Dave replied and Bradley continued: “Well I’ve never heard of it. One more and we’re home.” 

Either way, Bradley’s comments didn’t help because Dave followed Tam and was booted out. 

“#TheChase way too much chat,” someone said online. 

Another asked: “What’s this useless chat??? Get on with it  #TheChase.” 

Eleanor, a 72-year-old retired B&B owner then stepped up next. 

“Now then, come on the girls!” Bradley remarked as the third player stepped up to the cash builder. “The lads have gone, let’s see how we get on. 

“Where are you from originally then?” He asked and Eleanor replied: “Hamilton – born and bred there.” 

“And when did you move away?” Bradley continued. 

“16 years ago, I was walking the dogs and saw this house and shook hands on it, six weeks later we were moving in!” the player revealed. 

“And did you carry on working?” the host added as Eleanor answered: “Well we were retired, and then opened up our own Bed and Breakfast.” 

Eleanor then discussed the loss of her husband, her heart surgery, moving house and new companion, all before revealing what she would do with the money should she win some. 

“I’ve been waiting four years for this cruise, so more excursions than planned,” Eleanor said. 

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 


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