Teen Mom Jenelle Evans wants to ‘move away from this town forever’ as she struggles with on-again marriage to David

JENELLE Evans wants to pack up and leave her home amid ongoing struggles in her marriage to David Eason

The Teen Mom 2 star took to her personal Facebook page to make the startling revelation just weeks after David was arrested for threatening to assault her friend with a gun.

Jenelle Evans posted that she wants to leave the town she lives in with husband David Eason
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Jenelle, 28, wrote: “I am ready to move away from this town forever.”

Her husband responded with an animated picture of a small sailboat suggesting it as an option for the family.

Jenelle was not keen and replied: “something a tiny bit bigger tho.”

This comes after the reality TV star decided to give David, 32, another chance following his arrest for his alleged assault with a deadly weapon.

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The mom-of-three made the shocking revelation on Facebook[/caption]

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It comes amid ongoing drama with her husband David Eason[/caption]


He was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting Jenelle’s friend with a gun[/caption]

It all kicked off after the pair spent a week arguing, which led to Jenelle reportedly bringing two of her friends, one named James Spivey, to her home to pick up some things.

According to a source, David and James began fighting, which resulted in the father of three allegedly hitting the male friend with his gun.

Police were called and authorities made note of various injuries to James’ neck and back, however David also claimed that he was assaulted.

After Jenelle vowed to leave her husband, just one week later she was spotted holding hands with him, and then shared photos of the two on a date night.

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Jenelle has left David several times and thought the most recent split was going to be for good[/caption]

Jenelle is mom to Kaiser, 5, from a previous relationship her ex, Nathan Griffith, and daughter Ensley, 3, with David.

She is also mom to son Jace, 10, who her mom Barbara has custody over.

Jenelle and Nathan have been fighting over custody in a nasty battle, with some of it being aired on Teen Mom 2.

Nathan, 32, recently claimed that David had “abused” his son as he lashed out on Twitter.

Nathan has been concerned with his son’s wellbeing

He wrote:  “How do you explain marks on my son’s back, black eye, whip marks on his rear end, continuous police investigation.

“Charges against David Eason for multiple violence and aggressive behavior … NOTHING HAPPENS.

“What am I supposed to do besides being a panic parent!”

Jenelle soon fired back, claiming that Nathan isn’t exactly present as a father.


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ husband David arrested for assault with deadly weapon – and star says she’s ending the marriage

David Eason, 31, was arrested on Friday 12 June at 9:46 p.m. in North Carolina on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and communicating threats.

The father of three was arrested following a heated argument with Jenelle and two of her friends.

Jenelle reportedly brought two friends with her to the family home to pick up her things after a week of arguing.

David and one of the male friends began fighting, a source told the outlet.

He then allegedly struck Jenelle’s pal with a gun.

Following the altercation, Jenelle and her friends reportedly went to the police, and officers noted the attacked man had injuries to his back and neck.

Police officers picked up David, and he reportedly went peacefully.

She tweeted: “Scream on the top of your lungs to social media but don’t call to check.

“Skip out on visits and cut short the ones you do attend.

“You’re not really concerned, just playing pretend.”

Jenelle also called out people who have bashed her parenting skills.

She wrote: “And that goes for all of you. #IfTheShoeFits”


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