Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for charging fans $300 to record a duet with her on TikTok


TEEN Mom’s Jenelle Evans was slammed for the $300 price tag she’ll charge people who want to participate in a Tik Tok duet with the star.

The 28-year-old MTV alum has been labeled “desperate” by fans for her latest money grab attempt after she was fired from her show in 2019.

The Teen Mom star charges $300 for fans to duet with her on Tik Tok
Tik Tok
Jenelle revealed the pricey offer on her website
Fans were outraged the reality star priced her videos so high

Due to her lack of employment, Jenelle has gotten creative with ways of generating income – which include personalized Cameo videos and a “besties” friendship package at $75 a month.

The ex reality star has added a new social media package onto her website, Jenelle’s World.

On the page’s products tab, two options are given for fans to purchase a TikTok duet with the mom of three.

For $300, the ad promises “Jenelle will send you your very own personalized duet video.

“AND she will also post it on her TikTok account,” the page said.

A cheaper option does not allow your video to be posted on her page
Jenelle regularly posts videos of herself dancing on the platform
Instagram/ Jenelle Evans

For the lesser amount of $150, you can have a duet but the TV personality will not post the clip onto her page.

In an attempt to keep away any online trolls, the fine print noted that “video submissions that are deemed inappropriate will not be refunded.”

Jenelle immediately received backlash for the steep price in the middle of a global pandemic.

One Reddit user questioned: “Does she know there’s a f**king pandemic right now, and nobody is going to pay $250 for that!?”


“$250!!!!???!?! Is this witch crazy?! Holy crap. Girlfriend were in the middle of a pandemic!!!!!

“Lots of people are not working/working as much and or don’t have the income to even pay rent and buy food, but yeah let’s pay you $250 for a 1 minute cringetastic video,” another said.

One fired off: “Is this just like shooting fish in a barrel? Imma try every F**kin’ thing I can to make $ except work and see what happens?

“If she wasn’t such a revolting turd I’d feel secondhand embarrassment for her. Carry on with your ignorant a**.”

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle showed off her twerking skills on Instagram Stories[/caption]

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle also got down to the song in a pair of gray sweats[/caption]

Someone pointed out: “She will never learn her market. Her fans cannot afford $250 for a Tik Tok video. Her fans are 16 or the mental equivalent.”

In May 2019, MTV announced Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom after her on-again-off-again husband, David Eason, shot and killed their pet dog.

Since then, she has offered fans personalized Cameos for $10 a message.

Jenelle told her Instagram followers in April: “You can now DM me on Cameo if you download the app!” and told users to “swipe” to go to the site.

Jenelle Evans David Eason
Getty Images – Getty

Jenelle has gotten back with David after the chaos[/caption]

Jenelle was fired by MTV after her baby daddy killed their pet dog
Refer to Caption

She added a screenshot of her Cameo profile, in which she charges $75 for a video message or $9.99 for a direct message.

In June, David was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and communicating threats.

He was quickly bailed out of jail on an unsecured bond, a detention facility spokesperson told The Sun.

The news come just one day after they were seemingly trying to patch things up following a series of arguments.


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