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Stacey Solomon swipes at Joe Swash before he 'leaves' home: 'Good riddance to bad rubbish'

Loose Women favourite Stacey Solomon, 30, couldn’t resist taking a mischievous swipe at her boyfriend Joe Swash, 38, before he left their family home for “a few days”. The star teased the Dancing on Ice winner in view of her 3.6 million Instagram followers as she said goodbye to him with their one-year-old son Rex this afternoon.

The adorable family were cuddled up on the sofa at the time, as Stacey announced in a funny video: “He’s going to be leaving soon!”

She then turned to Rex and cheekily told him to “say good riddance to bad rubbish” in light of Joe’s departure.

However, the Celebrity Gogglebox star was quick to hit back at his girlfriend and insisted she would be sad when he’s gone.

He quipped: “You’ll be crying in a couple of days. She’ll be crying in a few days.”

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While mimicking Stacey’s tearful voice, he added: “‘Where’s my Joe?’”

After giggling at her boyfriend’s impression of her, Stacey argued: “I won’t!”

“She will, mark my words,” Joe insisted in response.

Stacey went on to admit that her beau’s assessment of the situation was correct by writing in the video’s caption: “To be fair to him he’s right [crying with laughter emoji].”


Stacey’s post about Joe’s mini break away from home comes after she admitted she was left feeling “under pressure” over her latest creative project.

She revealed Joe was less than impressed by her home decor efforts as she showed off her trellis creation on Instagram.

She explained: “I’m painting this end piece of trellis that I’ve saved since we got the garden done about a year ago and Joe said if I don’t do something with it, he’s going to skip it!

“So here I am, happy Tuesday!”

However, Stacey went on to divulge that she still hadn’t finished her task later in the day.

She admitted: “I’ve got to do something with this quickly before Joe throws it away.

“I feel really under pressure, I’ve just got my fejkas out, my tool kit, and I’m just going to have to make it up as I go along.

“I don’t want it to go in the bin!”


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