Spotify change means you could get HALF PRICE music streaming – here's how


Spotify has announced a new subscription option that means you could almost cut your existing monthly subscription fee in half. Dubbed Spotify Premium Duo, the new subscription plan is designed for couples or friends living at the same address. By switching from individual Spotify Premium subscriptions, which will set you back £9.99 a piece, the new option works out much cheaper.

Spotify is the first streaming music service to offer an option like this. Until now, Spotify has only offered subscriptions to individuals and families. The latter works out cheaper, provided there are enough members of the same family with individual subscription plans. Of course, there is also the option to stream for free with adverts – although you’ll also miss out on some of the best features bundled with the service if you opt for this subscription tier.

Premium Duo is designed for two people living at the same address and costs £12.99 a month. If you can’t do the maths, that’s £6.50 or so each – almost half the price of the existing Spotify Premium subscriptions that leaves your bank account each month.

And thankfully, Spotify won’t bring any restrictions to your account if you decide to club together with your flatmates or the other half. With Premium Duo, each individual users gets their own Premium account under one plan (no need to share passwords or login information). But rather than stopping there, Spotify is adding some unique features reserved for Duo subscribers. First up, you’ll both get exclusive access to Duo Mix, a regularly updated playlist made just for the two subscribers to discover audio they both love and enjoy together.

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“Today we are proud to launch Spotify Premium Duo, a first of its kind audio offering for just two people in the same household,” said Alex Norström, Spotify Chief Freemium Business Officer. “Premium Duo includes our extensive music and podcast catalogue and everything users love about Spotify Premium. With two individual Premium accounts, you can both listen independently, uninterrupted and get all of your personalised playlists and features tailored just for you. We are thrilled to bring this unique Spotify Premium plan to even more markets around the world.”

Spotify Premium Duo is rolling out to 55 countries globally, including the UK. If you want to sign-up today, visit and follow the instructions.

Be aware, there are a few conditions – firstly, that both Spotify Duo subscribers will need to reside at the same address to be eligible. And if you want the first month of your new Spotify Duo subscription to be free, you’ll need to not have subscribed to Premium before.

If you are an existing Premium subscriber, Spotify will now let you switch to Premium Duo by visiting your account page online or within the smartphone app and changing the subscription. Upgrading to Premium Duo doesn’t mean that you and your partner/flatmate/sibling/landlord will need to ditch their existing playlists and listening history. Spotify says subscribers will keep their existing Premium accounts along with saved music, podcasts, playlists and recommendations. You’ll just be paying less for it each month.


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