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Semi-detached release date: How many episodes are in Semi-detached?

The synopsis continues: “Then there’s the ex-wife Kate, who lives across the cul-de-sac with their teenage daughter Madonna and Kate’s husband Ted who thinks he’s better than Stuart because he sells fish to sushi restaurants.”

Commenting on what the series is about to the BBC, Mack said: “In a normal sitcom, if I leave the bedroom they’d just have the next shot of me being over the road, but on Semi-Detached the camera follows me down the stairs, out the door… everything is real time.

“Every step is filmed to give a feeling of thirty minutes in a man’s life. And that’s the essence of what the show is, thirty minutes in a man’s life that’s falling apart.”

Semi-Detached will start on Thursday, August 6, at 10.05pm on BBC Two.


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