Scary moment man wielding two ‘ninja’ knives is shot dead after charging at cop

Kevan Ruffin Jr, 32, was shot dead by Sheboygan police officer, Brian Pray on July 2, in Wisconsin, after Ruffin charged at Pray with two knives after several attempts to deescalate the confrontation.

Just before 6am on July 2, Officer Pray made contact with Ruffin near 15 street and Illinois Avenue, after receiving a 911 call from a woman claiming a man with two knives had attacked her.

Wisconsin Department of Justice

Kevan Ruffin Jr was shot dead by a Sheboygan police officer after charging at him with two knives[/caption]

The video starts with Pray stepping out of his vehicle attempting to approach Ruffin, “How you doing, Ruffin? Are you… are you fine this morning? Can you just have a seat for me?” Officer Pray asked.

Wielding a weapon, Ruffin turned and began to approach the officer.

The officer can be heard telling Ruffin, “Step back, you’re going to get tased, bro,” Pray warned. “Step back. You’re going to get tased. Step back.”

Moments later officer Pray fried the Taser after multiple attempts to try and settle down Ruffin.

As the Taser did nothing to stop Ruffin from chasing the officer, Pray warns him again, “Step back, you will get shot.”

Wisconsin Department of Justice

Officer Pray fried the Taser after multiple attempts to try and settle down Ruffin[/caption]

Wisconsin Department of Justice

Pray fired multiple shots after Ruffin continued to chase him[/caption]

Moments later officer Pray fired multiple shots at Ruffin, “Shots fired,” Pray says over the radio, as Ruffin collapses to the ground.

A second officer arrives at the scene, as Pray could be heard telling the other officer, “He chased me, man, with these knives!”

The other officer checks up on Ruffin, “Kevan, Kevan, can you hear me?”

Pray again insists, “He charged me, man! I almost fell!”

Wisconsin Department of Justice

Ruffin died at the scene after being struck with the Taser and shot in the chest four times[/caption]

The other officer tries to calm Pray down, “Hey, it’s OK. Take a breath.”

The second officer then rolls Ruffin over so she could perform CPR before Pray, again, pleads that the man had charged at him.

According to the autopsy, Ruffin was struck with the Taser and shot in the chest four times. He died at the scene.

According to the Sheboyganpress, investigative documents released showed Ruffin’s mother had warned police a little over 24 hours earlier that her son was in the midst of a breakdown after a recent change to his medication.

In the time between, Ruffin had walked barefoot four miles to the neighboring town of Kohler with no shift on, the outlet reported.

On August 5, the Sheboygan County district attorney determined that the use of deadly force was reasonable and no charges will be filed against Pray in the death of Ruffin.

Investigators said Ruffin was carrying two three-pronged weapons.

Ruffin’s family attorney released the following statement to Fox6 news, “Kevan’s family is reviewing hundreds of pages of police reports and conducting their own investigation and will be release a statement after they have reviewed all the evidence,” Brian Kinstler told the outlet.


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