RHONY fans slam ‘bizarre’ at-home quarantine confessionals and say this season will be ‘hard to sit through’

RHONY fans slammed the show for its “bizarre” quarantine confessionals that were filmed as the cast was in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bravo series came back from a brief hiatus on Thursday to debut its new style of at-home interviews as season 12 wrapped up during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Fans of RHONY slammed the show for its “bizarre” quarantine confessionals
Sonja and most of her co stars filmed in their living rooms
Ramona was questioned for filming in her kitchen
Leah rocked a casual look as she taped in a sweatshirt
Luann also answered the questions from her home’s sitting room
Fans were disappointed with how the quarantine confessionals turned out

The current season wrapped up filming last Winter but had not yet completed the post-production confessionals for the later episodes when the show shut down in March.

After airing the first 11 episodes, the show took a month-long break to play catch-up with the remaining interviews.

Fans of the Housewives franchise have become accustomed to their favorite reality stars chatting with producers on a television set.

Stars of RHONY also typically has a professional glam team that prepares them for the on-air questioning.

A professional setup was typically used to film confessionals
A professional glam squad would do the casts’ hair and makeup
A producer questioned the stars from off camera during regular confessional interviews

However, the quarantine confessionals see the stars doing their own glam as they film from inside their homes.

Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan, Luann de Lesseps and Leah McSweeney taped from their living rooms.

Meanwhile Ramona Singer had viewers puzzled for choosing to film in front of her kitchen oven.

Fans were so disappointed with the outcome, some even said they might not be able to make it through the season.

“The audio of these quarantine confessionals is difficult to sit through,” one person tweeted.


Another said: “Ufff. These at-home-confessionals are going to be rough.”

“Yikes they need to fix luanns confessional audio come on Andy y’all had 3 weeks to fix this,” someone said to Bravo boss, Andy Cohen.

One reluctant Twitter user was just happy the show is back: “Complain all you want, but I’d rather have Housewives with bizarre, harshly-lit Zoom confessionals than no Housewives at all.”

Tonight’s episode also saw Luann, 55, who was enraged that Ramona, 63, brought her ex-husband Tom’s girlfriend to her elaborate Halloween party.


Ramona Singer enraged Luann de Lesseps by bringing her ex-husband Tom’s girlfriend to her Halloween party[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Luann said to Leah and Dorina: “I can’t believe [Ramona] brought Missy…”[/caption]The Countess hosted a bash where Ramona told Missy Pool, Tom D’Agostino’s ex-girlfriend: “I guess now she doesn’t have Tinsley, so now she’s attacking me.

Meanwhile, Luann said to Leah and Dorinda: “I can’t believe [Ramona] brought Missy… Do I care?”

Dorinda responded: “Yes you do because it’s bad.

“Who would bring someone that bothered you. I wouldn’t.”

Getty Images – Getty

Luann said bringing Tom’s girlfriend was just plain “insensitive”[/caption]

Luann later said in a confessional: “Ramona doesn’t give a s**t, really.

“She doesn’t! She just doesn’t care. She’s so insensitive.

“The problem is, people will disappoint you all the time and Ramona never ceases to disappoint.”

Luann has also since tweeted about the scene in the new episode: “you broke the girl code… available on iTunes.”


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