Racist attacker ‘clotheslines’ cycling black grandmother before shouting ‘that’s what you get for being black’

A RACIST attacker “clotheslined” a Black grandmother using a steel cable to pull her from her bike onto Venice Boardwalk in California.

On July 6, at approximately 6pm, the gray-haired attacker – believed to be in his late 50s or early 60s and seen wearing a facemask and sunglasses – told the woman: “That’s what you get for being black.”


Salenas Nash was attacked on July 6[/caption]


Selinas claims her attacker, pictured, said: ‘That’s what you get for being black’[/caption]


Salenas Nash, 55, shows the wounds she received after being ‘clotheslined’ by a racist attacker[/caption]

A search is now underway for the man, who yanked up the cable he had tied to a tree and lain across the boardwalk as Salenas Nash, 55, rode by on her $3,000 bike.

The cable caught her under the chin on her helmet strap, then flipped up and lashed her above the lip, leaving a large scar.

Nash, a well-known figure in Venice and Santa Monica, California, was pulled backwards over the back of her electric-and-pedal-powered bike, injuring her back as she fell on the sidewalk.

Despite her injuries, Nash managed to take a photograph the assailant on her phone before he calmly walked away.

The mom-of-five and grandmother-of-eight said: “What he did could have killed me,”

“I was stunned. I thought it had to be some kind of accident. I was by myself, on the way to Starbucks for a coffee.

“As I cycled along I saw the guy with his dog and didn’t think anything of it. He was just a typical old guy you see down there.”

The ordained minister and massage therapist said she had not seen the cable and had no warning of it.

“The cable caught me under the helmet, right on the strap, and pushed my head back,” she explained.

“The strap seemed to hold it there for what seemed like a second or two as it pulled me off the bike, then it flipped up and lashed me above the lip, then I tumbled to the ground.


Salenas Nash was attacked on Venice Boardwalk[/caption]


An injury to Salenas Nash’s neck is seen in this photo[/caption]



An attacker ‘clotheslined’ a Black grandmother using a steel cable to pull her from her bike onto Venice Beach Boardwalk in California[/caption]

Nash said she “had no idea what happened” and suspected it was accidentally “one of those guys you see with a tightrope.”

She added: “I looked at the guy waiting for him to say, ‘Are you OK’ or ‘Gosh I’m so sorry, let me help you’ but he said: ‘That’s what you get for being black.’”

Nash was left speechless, as she had “not been attacked like that before, ever.”

Following the attack, the man “bizarrely” grabbed Nash’s sunglasses from off the floor and handed it to her.

He then “gathered up the steel cable and walked away with his dog” without saying anything else.

As the her attacker walked away she was able to take a photo of the masked man.

“I managed to reach for my new phone and get one photo of him, thankfully,” Nash said.

Minutes later, Santa Monica Police Officer arrived on scene.

“They were utterly horrified,” Nash, who lives in Santa Monica, said.

“They had never heard of anything like this happening before. They said they are determined to catch him.”


This is the location on the boardwalk where the incident took place[/caption]


Nash managed to take one photo of her assailant on her cell phone[/caption]

Police checked Nash, who chose to ride home on her bike, but she later went to UCLA Medical Center for a thorough check up, including a CT scan.

“The hurt is more psychological than physical at the moment,” Nash said.

“My kids are all upset and my grandkids cried, then I cried, when I had to explain why grandma is hurting.”

Nash hopes for the man, who she believes to be a local, to be found because she “doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

“I’m in pain all the time at the moment and I’m trying to treat my skin with a lot of cocoa butter,” she added.

On Sunday July 12, Nash cycled again for the first time since the incident and rode past the same spot, despite being “really nervous.”

Nash, who was given the bike as a birthday present from her 27-year-old daughter Keshia, said: “It’s got some scratches but it’s OK. Keshia knows the bike can be replaced but she says I can’t.”


Salenas Nash is pictured with her family and cycling friends[/caption]

Nash is a keen cyclist and is part of the LA Critical Mass cycling event.

“What happened could have killed me and it broke me physically and mentally,” she said.

“I’m in pain every day and I shed a lot of tears but it’s not going to stop me living my life.”

An LAPD spokesman said: “This investigation is ongoing and we appeal for any witnesses to come forward.”


Salenas Nash shows off her injuries from the attack[/caption]


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