Rabies-plagued bat bites Oklahoma mom and nearly kills her dog in front porch ambush


A MOM who was enjoying an evening on her porch and her loyal pup were attacked by a rabies-plagued bat last week.

The woman, Camilla Schumacher, may have to quarantine herself for 45 days if she tests positive for the potentially deadly disease, according to Metro.


Camilla Schumacher and her pup were bitten by a rabid bat[/caption]


Schumacher sent the bat to a lab, where it tested positive for rabies [/caption]

Schumacher was attacked while sitting on her porch in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, last week with her daughter and their pet pit bull Kane.

She reportedly didn’t see the animal until it had sunk its teeth into her ankle. Kane then went for the bat, pulling it off Schumacher into his mouth.

Schumacher said she slapped the animal out of her pet’s mouth and then sent the bat to a lab for analysis. That’s how they found out the bat did, in fact, have rabies.

Kane had to see a vet, who told Schumacher that the pup being up-to-date on vaccinations likely saved his life.


Schumacher said she didn’t see the bat until it sunk its teeth into her leg[/caption]

“She was being protective. She so sweet and so loyal,” Schumacher told local ABC affiliate KOCO.

Schumacher said she hopes her story can raise awareness for others who may come into contact with rabid animals.

“I think, maybe, it’s a godly thing that this happened so a message could get out,” Camilla Schumacher said, noting that there isn’t a whole lot of awareness around rabies.

Rabies infects the central nervous system, and can spread from animals to people and pets if they are bitten or scratched by a rabid animal, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If a person does not receive the proper treatment, the virus can cause disease in the brain, and eventually be fatal.

Anyone who is exposed to the virus should seek medical care immidiately, according to the CDC.


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