Prince Andrew has undermined the Royal Family than any other living person – strip this embarrassment of his HMH title


YOU can bet your life that Andrew, Prince of Sleaze, will have broken out in a cold sweat yesterday when he learned that his good friend Ghislaine Maxwell, had been arrested by the FBI and charged with multiple counts of sex exploitation and abuse of underage girls.

He may be holed up in his sprawling residence in Windsor Great Park, fearful even to pop out for a takeaway from his favourite Pizza Express branch in Woking, but the net is slowly closing in on Randy Andy.

Prince Andrew’s friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell means the net is closing in

He hadn’t really invited paedophile Jeffrey Epstein up to Sandringham for a “straightforward shooting weekend”, he told the BBC in his car-crash interview last year.

He had invited his old friend Ghislaine Maxwell, and she happened to bring Epstein along. That now looks like a very unfortunate explanation. He has straightforwardly shot himself in the foot.

It was Maxwell who introduced Andrew to Epstein. It was Maxwell who was Andrew’s guest at Buckingham Palace last summer. And it was Maxwell whose house was the venue for the infamous photo of Andrew with his arm round the bare midriff of young Virginia Roberts who says she was a sex slave for Epstein and a bit of flesh to service his important friends.

Andrew told the BBC he went all the way to New York to break off his friendship with Epstein, by then a convicted paedophile. And then stayed for four days at his swanky Manhattan house where he was given a dinner in his honour.

Oh, and shortly afterwards Epstein handed over £15,000 as his contribution to the Help The Fergie Fund. It’s a very odd way to end a friendship.

Maxwell is charged with procuring young girls for sex on behalf of ex Epstein
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The infamous picture of Andrew with Virginia Roberts was taken at Maxwell’s house
Rex Features

Andrew’s lack of co-operation is a ‘slap in the face’ for victims

Epstein may have died in prison – no doubt very conveniently for lots of famous and powerful people – but it has not stopped the calls for prosecutions of those connected with Epstein, and the calls for justice from Epstein’s victims.

The FBI have made it plain they want to talk to Andrew. But he seems determined to keep as far as possible away from them.

Geoffrey Berman, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, told reporters earlier this year that Andrew had so far given “zero co-operation”.

Lisa Bloom, representing the women who say they were abused by Epstein, called Andrew’s refusal to answer questions ‘a slap in the face’ for the women.

Yet the pariah prince was at it again yesterday, insisting he has in fact offered to co-operate.

Well there is a very simple way of finding out who is telling the truth. Let him publish the letters and emails he has sent to the US law enforcement agencies and we can judge for ourselves.

Prince Andrew claimed he invited pal Maxwell who brought Epstein along
Rex Features

Overall, Andrew has done more to undermine the British royal family than any other living person. He is the gift that just keeps on giving for those who want to replace the monarchy with a republic.

When local councils earlier this year were told to fly the flag for his birthday there was uproar. The Sun captured it perfectly in its front page headline: Union Joke.

Meanwhile a Yougov poll revealed that only 1 in 6 have a favourable opinion of him. The only surprise is that it was that high.

Melania Trump, Prince Andrew, Gwendolyn Beck and Jeffrey Epstein at a party at the Mar-a-Lago club in Florida in 2000.
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Epstein contributed £15,000 to the Duchess of York’s debt fund
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Dictators, torturers and a convicted gunrunner

Horrendous as all the Epstein and Maxwell stuff is, that is just one item in the charge sheet against Andrew.

There is the calamitous way he damaged Britain’s image abroad over many years as our trade envoy as he went round the globe insulting those he came into contact with and belting out his saloon bar views, views very often the exact opposite of agreed government policy.

Diplomats called him His Buffoon Highness for his mixture of arrogance, rudeness, ignorance and stupidity.

There is his outrageous use of helicopters, often to get to golf courses, and private jets when commercial flights would do – all charged to the taxpayer.

Diplomats called him His Buffoon Highness for his mixture of arrogance, rudeness, ignorance and stupidity.

Norman Baker

There is all the dodgy company in dodgy countries he has kept – nasty dictators, outright crooks, alleged torturers, even a convicted gunrunner – some of whom he has accepted gifts from, and some he even weaselled into Buckingham Palace, so tainting the Queen with his dubious associates.

There is the wealth he has amassed from questionable sources, whether through shady offshore companies, using a false name, Andrew Inverness, or direct from his dodgy friends.

What a stroke of luck that he was able to offload his old house, Sunninghill Park, which had been on the market for years at £12 million, to Timur Kulibayev, the billionaire son-in-law of the Kazakh dictator, for £15 million.

Mr Kulibayev never moved in, the house sat empty for a further nine years before being demolished. Why would he pay well over the asking price for a house he never intended to live in?

And how astonishing on a grant from his mum of £249,000 each year and a tiny naval pension of £20,000, he has been able to spend £7.5m refurbishing the property in Windsor Great Park AND get hold of a £13m ski chalet in Switzerland.

The Prince was criticised for his use of helicopters for private trips
Peter Jordan
Sunninghill Park was eventually sold for £15million
Rex Features

Tasteless jokes and bullying behaviour

Then there is the appalling boorish behaviour to his protection staff. On at least one occasion he threw stuff on the ground and told them to “f—ing pick that up.”

Or there is the casual racism, using phrases like “n—– in the woodpile” which he denies though plenty heard it, or making a jaw-dropping and hugely tasteless joke about camels at a state banquet for the Saudi royals. How to win friends and influence people!

Even Donald Trump, who has played golf with Andrew, met him many times, and once lent him a plane, now say:s “I don’t know Prince Andrew.”

Donald Trump has now distanced himself from Andrew
PA:Press Association
Prince Andrew with Ghislaine Maxwell at a society wedding in 2000

We’ve all had enough of the obnoxious prince. He is a national embarrassment. When Princess Diana divorced from Charles, she was immediately stripped of her HRH status yet the Prince of Sleaze keeps his. He should have his taken away without any further delay. Let him be Andrew Inverness, since he likes that name.

The victims of Epstein will be scarred for life. If he has a scrap of decency left inside him, he will travel to the United States and tell the FBI all he knows.

This is one trip for Air Miles Andy that the taxpayer would be prepared to pay for – especially if it is a one-way ticket.









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