Piers Morgan downs a pint of beer at 6.30am live on Good Morning Britain ahead of pubs reopening on July 4th

THIRSTY Piers Morgan sipped a pint on Good Morning Britain today at 6.30am as he looked forward to pubs opening on July 4th.

Piers, 55, couldn’t believe his luck when he saw the pint in arm’s reach on the show today.

refer to caption.

Piers Morgan couldn’t believe his luck when he saw the pint was in arm’s reach behind his desk[/caption]

The presenter was slipped a Harvey’s beer on the ITV show as News Correspondent Jonathan Swain reported live from a pub about the easing of lockdown rules this Saturday.

Pubs have been allowed to reopen on July 4th and the date has been dubbed ‘SUPER SATURDAY‘.

Jonathan told the presenters it was his first proper pub pint in months, before he said to Piers: “Piers, take a look behind you, we have a gift for you here.”

And a shocked Piers screeched: “Where did that come from!?”

Piers savoured his sip of Harvey’s beer

He took a sip and savoured the taste in front of viewers, as co-host Susanna Reid said: “It’s 6.30am in the morning kids.”

Piers took no notice, and quipped: “Swainy, I’m very Jealous … I’ll be having a couple of pints on Saturday.”

However, he also warned viewers to “please be careful on Saturday.”

He added: “We all want to have fun but please give the police a break, they need us to help them, we are all in this together.”

refer to caption.


Police expect drunken violence and disorder to breakout and blasted the decision to reopen pubs on a Saturday — calling it a “countdown to carnival”

And Piers’ comments come as two men were arrested after police officers were filmed being taunted by a group in Hackney, London, as one grappled with a man on the ground.

The footage has since been widely condemned by Home Secretary Priti Patel along with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and police authorities.

And Ken Marsh, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “We are not society’s punchbags.

“We have families we want to go home to at the end of every shift. But the dangers are stark, and seemingly escalating.”

People will have to follow strict rules on how the behave once they are inside pubs as well – including no dancing, no hanging out at the bar to order drinks, keeping raised voices down, and abiding by a “one-in-one-out” rule in toilets.


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