Niece, 49, turns Facebook detective to catch killer who raped and murdered her aunt 6,000 miles away


A WOMAN in Britain used Facebook to snare the man accused of the horrific murder of her aunt in South Africa.

Lehanne Sergison, 49, turned amateur sleuth 6000 miles away after she became frustrated at the lack of progress in finding the killer of Christine Robinson.


Christine Robinson was murdered in 2014 [/caption]


Suspect Andrew Ndlovu fled to Zimbabwe after killing[/caption]

Lehanne Sergison

Lehanne handed a petition to then Prime Minister David Cameron seeking justice for her aunt[/caption]

The 59-year-old was raped and stabbed to death at the Rra-Ditau Lodge safari resort she owned.

Former teacher Christine from Speke, Merseyside has taken out £3,500 to pay staff at the luxury 30 guest lodge 150 miles north of Johannesburg when she was attacked in July 2014.

Gardner Andrew Ndlovu, 30, was finally arrested by cops after six years at large thanks to retired chartered surveyor Lehanne’s detective work.

After Christine’s murder Ndlovu initially fled to Zimbabwe but Lehanne learned he was back in South Africa in hiding so she hatched a plot to snare him.

Posing as flirty air 28-year-old stewardess Missy Falcao, she befriended Ndlovu, on Facebook and followed him for more than a year.

The name was inspired those of her greyhounds Slow Lane Missy and Phoenix Falcao.

She slowly befriended online pals of Ndlovu before eventually summoning the courage to send him a private message.

“He was always on Facebook as Ndlovu but the page was inactive,” she told The Mirror.

“But it turned out he had a string of profiles under different names, with the same friends. I thought, ‘Let’s see if he’ll take the bait’.

Lehanne  and Ndlovu  exchanged hundreds of messages over a two-month period.

“The first time I contacted him I told him he had sexy eyes – it made me want to throw up. When the reply came, I didn’t know what to say.

Lehanne flirted with Ndlovu on Facebook
The suspect was eventually arrested in July

“I hadn’t flirted with anyone for a long time. I asked friends what their teenage daughters would write.”

She finally set up a date with Ndlovu in Johannesburg and tipped off police but frustratingly he didn’t turn up.

Lehanne thought her chance had gone but after a seven-month absence from Facebook, he appeared in February, posting a birthday selfie on Facebook.

She sent picture to the South African police and the Foreign Office but heard nothing.

So on July 30 – the sixth anniversary of Christine’s death – she posted Ndlovu’s photo on Facebook.

She wrote: “Six years ago today this man raped and murdered my aunt Christine Robinson. Andrew Ndlovu is still a free man enjoying his life after taking hers.”

The post was shared 70,000 times and Ndlovu was tracked down within hours and arrested.

“It’s bittersweet that he has been arrested,” she said.

“I don’t feel euphoria – just a sickening feeling in my stomach. I never thought of myself as a detective.

“I just felt I had to keep trying for Chrissie. I know she would have done the same for me. I miss her every day.”


Christine Robinson with her husband Robbie [/caption]


She was murdered at the safari lodge she ran in South Africa [/caption]


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