Naked Attraction viewers in hysterics as woman rules out nude contestants for looking like her sisters


NAKED Attraction viewers were left in hysterics as a woman ruled out nude contestants for looking like her sisters.

Artist Bethany astounded watchers who couldn’t believe what they were hearing – and seeing.

Channel 4

Bethany kept comparing the naked women to her sisters[/caption]

One said: “Of all the things to say about a woman’s naked body “she reminds me of my sister” #nakedattraction”

Bethany described herself as a “first-time lesbian”, who had dated men but now wanted to “take the plunge” with the ladies.

As she was faced with six naked women in front of her, her reasons for ditching them one by one seemed to be similar.

When host Anna Richardson asked her to make one cut after checking out their breasts, she chose the lady in the pink box because she “reminds me of my sister – in the most lovely way.

Channel 4

Contestants are judged on their body parts[/caption]


“I think my sister has a beautiful body, but for my first time I don’t want to be reminded of my sister.”

Then Bethany said goodbye to another woman and commented: “I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but she reminds me slightly of my other sister.”

At this point Anna joked: “Just so I can check, are there any other members of your family here?”

“Wtf reminds her of another sister, how unlucky can you get #nakedattraction,” said one viewer on social media.

Another added: “Watching Naked Attraction and this woman has gave 2 women the boot because they look like her sisters.. how many times does she see her sisters naked?!😩 #nakedattraction”.

Channel 4

Host Anna Richardson tried to make a joke of it[/caption]

Channel 4

Bethany could not get over how one lady’s breasts reminded her of her sisters[/caption]


Rounding things off, as Bethany stood naked with the remaining two contestants, Anna said: “Bethany, let me introduce you to Milly and to Naomi.”

“Awh, that’s my sister’s name,” said Bethany before they all started laughing.

One Twitter user joked: “OF COURSE THATS HER SISTERS NAME! #nakedattraction”.

A second said: “Wtf is this lass on. Does everyone remind her of her sisters #nakedattraction”.

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