Naga Munchetty: BBC star admits co-host has one major advantage in the studio


Naga Munchetty, 45, and Charlie Stayt appear to have set sides of the BBC Breakfast red sofa, with Naga appearing on the right hand side and Charlie on the left. But unfortunately, being on the right means she has to use a temporary table for her laptop and papers, whereas her male counterpart gets to use the main desk.

One fan was confused as to why she had to use the little work station instead of making use of the rest of the circular desk, pointing out there was room for both of them.

Taking to Twitter after Thursday’s BBC show had finished, the fan asked: “Why do you have to manage with your laptop on a small side table while your male counterpart gets to have a desk to himself? @TVNaga01.”

Of course, it all boils down to coronavirus implications making things difficult.

Naga was quick to explain the logic behind it: “Social distancing means we can no longer share the desk,” she said.

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On Thursday morning she donned an eye-catching fuschia pink skirt with a navy print and fans couldn’t get enough of it.

If her morning wasn’t busy enough presenting the day’s news, Naga made sure she responded to every request asking where her outfit was from, with some branding her a “fashion inspiration.”

And while her unique style turns heads on the daily, there was once an outfit fans weren’t so keen on.

Last week, the presenter opted for a royal blue, light blue and green patterned matching shirt and skirt, that was mistaken for a dress.

Fans of the presenter were divided over her look, and while many gushed over its bold and striking appearance, others felt distracted.

“I LOVE Naga Munchetty. But what is she wearing? #BBCBreakfast,” one commented.

“What the hell is @TVNaga01 wearing this morning. Normally she is a beautiful lady with style. Got it badly wrong this morning. Still love her though,” a second noted.

You can’t please everyone!

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.


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