Mums show how to use old cots to make clever planting walls in the garden for free


THE current trend for upcycling old household items continues to take the internet by storm, with the latest trend seeing savvy parents turn old cots into stunning garden features.

That’s right, people are turning the slats from old cots into stunning way to display plants outside.

This upcycling project used Frenchic’s Cool Beans paint and IKEA Sunnersta plant pots
Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks/Facebook

The ingenious idea has been replicated by several parents online, who have shared pictures of their finished planets on Facebook.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY and Life Hacks, one mum proudly showed off photos of her new wall feature.

The chuffed mum wrote: “Turned the side of my son’s old cot into a wall planter.”
“Lightly sanded the frame then spray painted the cot and plant baskets.”

This stunning wall display uses a handful of IKEA’s Sunnersta pots hung across the cot’s rails
Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks/Facebook
This chic idea gives slats from a cot a new lease of life
Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks/Facebook

Rather than throwing away the wooden frame, this clever hack gives the old cot a new lease of life in the garden.

Another proud DIY fan told Facebook users she had sanded down the cot before using a lick of Frenchic’s Cool Beans paint for a pop of colour.

She then added a handful of 99p IKEA Sunnersta pots, which have handy hooks on the back, to complete the transformation.

The owner of this upcycled cot base used a rainbow of metal pots for a splash of colour
Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks/Facebook

Another user sang the praises of IKEA’s 99p containers, which come with a hook built into the back and are usually used in the kitchen. These pots come in two shades: white and green.

Shoppers can nab a similar style from Wilko for just £1.

Another savvy mum revealed she completed the look with a lick of leftover grey paint previously used to paint the fence and some multicoloured metal pots from Amazon. 

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