Mrs Hinch fan shares ‘game changer’ £1 oven cleaning hack to remove grease


Mrs Hinch is a well known social media sensation who rose to fame after posting cleaning hacks onto her Instagram. She inspires people to find their own unusual cheap cleaning hacks that work wonders on household items. One Mrs Hinch fan has said that her cleaning hack removes tough grease from the oven and has labelled it a ‘game changer’.

Fans of the hack were quick to rush to the comments to find out more about this unusual hack and how they could do this at home themselves.

One comment read: “Game changer x.”

“That video is very satisfying. Good job,” another fan said.

Other fans questioned where the amazing tool was from and how expensive it was.

The spray costs around £1 and can be used on many surfaces around the home unlike other cleaning products that are designed to be used on a particular area.

After leaving it on the oven for a few minutes to work, the woman then effortlessly scraped off the grime and grease with her new favourite cleaning tool.

Glass scrapers can be picked up for as little as £1 too, making this cleaning hack very affordable for those wanting to try it for themselves.

One woman revealed how she got her Mum’s tiles sparkling clean with just a small amount of the Elbow Grease spray.

Posting on a Mrs Hinch cleaning Facebook group she wrote: “My mum’s house has been a building site lately and has this awful lino that is so hard to clean – the dirt builds up in the tiny grooves.

“I’ve even tried bleach and so many cleaners but nothing worked.”

However she revealed that she scrubbed the floor with the £1 miracle spray and revealed tiles that look good as new with no more dirt in the grooves.


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