Millennium Falcon flies injured players off pitch as Mexican club Xolos put Star Wars spaceship on roof of golf cart


THE Millennium Falcon was on hand to fly injured players off the pitch as Mexican club Club Tijuana brilliantly transformed the medical car.

Star Wars-mad Los Xolos added the famous spaceship on to the roof of the cart.

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Club Tijuana transformed the medical buggy into a Millennium Falcon spaceship to carry off injured players[/caption]

So without making light of the crocked players in the Wars, it certainly made for entertaining viewing when the doctors were called on.

In the absence of the traditional stretcher, the stars were helped on to the glorified and modified golf buggy and ‘flown’ away in hilarious fashion.

Unfortunately the force was not with Xolos as they played out a 0-0 draw with Tigres in Liga MX.

But unsurprisingly, Twitter could not get enough of the Star Wars adaptation.

One said: “See no reason why this isn’t rolled out across the board. Mandatory.”

Another joked: “Made it from the centre circle to the dug outs in 15 parsecs…”

And one simply but very cleverly quipped: “Han Xolos.”

But Tijuana’s director of marketing Esteban De Anda revealed there was a slightly more serious note to the nod to the film franchise. Slightly.

He said: “The agreement reached to celebrate the end of the Skywalker saga makes clear testimony of two important objectives: innovation and vanguard.” Right.

However, this is not the first time – and hopefully not the last – Xolos have integrated Star Wars into the club.

Last season they had a Star Wars-themed match with the players walking out to the iconic soundtrack accompanied by… stormtroopers.

And to top it off, they even wore their specially-designed, custom-made Star Wars kit, with Darth Vader across the front of the red-and-black shirt and a stormtrooper on the goalkeeper’s jersey.

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The brilliant adaptation certainly made for entertaining viewing at the club with a history of Star Wars-related content[/caption]


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