Meghan Markle earnings: How much could Meghan Markle make at next engagement?


Most of the monarchy’s wealth is derived from inherited lands and investments. British taxpayers also support the Royal Family through the Sovereign Grant issued by the treasury. Leaving the Royal Family has meant Meghan and Harry will no longer receive money by royal means and will be able to work professionally now their resignation is final.

Of course, Meghan had a life and career before the royal income supported her.

She was a successful television actress in the US, her most famous role being in legal drama Suits, but she also appeared on other popular shows, like CSI: Miami and 90210.

Starring as paralegal Rachel Zane, the Duchess earned an estimated average of $57,500 per episode.

Prior to marrying Harry, she also appeared in movies like Remember Me and ran her own lifestyle blog, The Tig.

They will hold “moderated discussions” and give the keynote speeches to trade associations, businesses and community forums, the LA Times has reported

The talks will also focus on racial justice, gender equality, the environment and mental health.

The agency also counts the Obamas, Clintons, Serena and Venus Williams, and TV legend Oprah Winfrey as clients – in their first career move since moving to Hollywood.

Meghan, 38, and Harry, 35, got a taste of the speaker’s circuit in February when the prince spoke at a private event in Miami for banking giant JP Morgan.

They were reported to have earned up to almost $1million (£750,000) for the appearance – one month before they moved to Los Angeles after they quit the Royal Family.

The pair were due to launch their latest non-profit organisation Archewell but had to slam the brakes on due to coronavirus.

The couple are big spenders in comparison to some other Royal Family members, so they may have to take on quite a lot of work to keep up their lifestyle.

The Duchess also spent about $11,000 on acupuncture and numerology in the months leading up to baby Archie’s birth.

And the Duke and Duchess also went on a $43,000 babymoon at Heckfield Place.

Meghan and Harry have reportedly gone through three nannies since their son Archie was born.

Graduates from the famous Norland College, which teaches aspiring nannies, can earn between $36,000 and $59,000 in London, who are usually used by Royal Family members – however, it is currently unclear whether the couple have a nanny or not.

They also spent £2.4million renovating Frogmore Cottage at the behest of the taxpayer, which they have still not paid back.


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