Lost writer reveals original plans to end show after 3 years and ‘immense frustration’ at pressure to extend scripts


LOST writer Damon Lindelof has revealed the original plans to end the show after just three years.

Throughout its six-year run the show had many ups and downs and twists and turns, which culminated with a divisive ending.

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Damon Lindelof revealed the original plans for Lost to be just three seasons[/caption]

However, the show’s creator Damon, 47, spilled the beans and admitted that while the show’s creative team wanted the show to run for three years, the executives at the broadcaster ABC wanted more episodes.

He said: “I’m not trying to be diplomatic, I’m trying to give you the most accurate answer the way that I remember it, which is the conversations about wanting the show to end began as early as the pilot.

“One of the notes that we were getting back from ABC was ‘When are you gonna resolve these mysteries? And once you resolve these mysteries, why will people keep watching the show?’ And Level One of that was, ‘Well we’re gonna be introducing new mysteries as we go.

He added: “So hopefully for every one that we answer, we’ve set up a new compelling mystery. If we get that balance right, they’re not gonna stack up.’ I think that we can both agree that we did not get that balance right.”

Lost ran from 2004-2010

The screenwriter also recalled the issues writers encountered when trying to prolong the show.

He continued: “There were all of these compelling mysteries and so we were saying, ‘We wanna have this stuff answered by the end of Season 1, this stuff answered by the end of Season 2, and then the show basically ends after about three years.’

“That was the initial pitch, and they were not even hearing it. They looked at particularly me — Carlton came on about midway through Season 1 and he joined the chorus of me — but they were just like, ‘Do you understand how hard it is to make a show that people want to watch?

“And people like the show? So why would we end it? You don’t end shows that people are watching.’”

The ABC executives wanted Lost to run for as long as ten seasons before agreeing to end it at six

Before ABC eventually agreeing to end the show after 6 seasons in 2010, World Z writer Damon revealed they wanted the show stretch out to 10 seasons.

Lindelof explained: “They were like, ‘We have agreed to let you end the show.’… I just said to [ABC President] Steve McPherson, ‘Thank you. This is what’s best for the show,’ and he said, ‘We were thinking 10 seasons.’

“Mind you, we’re halfway through Season 3, so first off how do you even think we’re gonna get to 10?

“That’s really the same as saying we’re not gonna let you end the show, because how many drama series even get to 10 seasons?”


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