Kim Jong-Un seen visiting typhoon-hit town as he praises military response after claims he called Obama an ‘a**hole’


KIM Jong-un has been pictured visiting a typhoon-hit town days after it was revealed he called Obama an ‘a**hole’ in an explosive new book.

North Korea’s dictator smiled for state snappers, while praising his military for successfully re-building a “socialist fairyland”, says a report.


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un praised his military[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

North Korea was struck by three typhoon in just three weeks, including Typhoon Haishen[/caption]

Towns in the secretive country have been hit hard by typhoons and summer floods, state news media KCNA reported today.

Kim visited the province of North Hwanghae, south of Pyongyang, to personally check that all traces of the natural disasters have been removed.

North Korea was rocked by three typhoons in just three weeks, including Typhoon Haishen – dubbed Typhoon No. 10 – according to state TV.

Kim told the military: “The People’s Army is made up of creators of all miracles on this land.

“The genuine might of the People’s Army lies not in the number of troops and the might of ammunitions but in their ardent love for their country.”

His smiling face was a change from early September, when an irate leader warned officials in Kangwon they would be “gravely punished” for failing to evacuate residents to safety.

Kim left officials fearing they’d be executed for snubbing his orders during the typhoons.

His sacking threats followed a report of “dozens of casualties” in Kangwon, south of the Hamgyong provinces.

Kim dismissed the chairman of the South Hamyong provincial party committee and appointed a new chairman.


Kim was even pictured smiling with military officials[/caption]


He praised bosses for creating a ‘socialist fairyland’ in the wake of several typhoons[/caption]


This week’s visit was a far cry from early September, when a grim-faced Kim sacked a provincial party chief[/caption]

North Korea has been hit by “disastrous meteorological phenomena” this summer with heavy rains and typhoons, bringing the second highest rainfall in the past 25 years, its weather agency said.

The country recorded an average 852.3mm (34 inches) of summer downfalls throughout the country, more than triple the year earlier.

On September 9, Kim urged the rebuilding of thousands of homes and other structures destroyed in a typhoon.

KCNA said Typhoon Maysak left “severe damage” in the eastern town of Komdok, destroying or flooding more than 2,000 homes and dozens of public buildings and paralysing transport systems.

More than 60km (37miles) of roads in the region were “washed away,” while 59 bridges collapsed. Several miles of railroads were damaged in mining areas, the report added.

North Korea’s agriculture sector is particularly vulnerable to severe weather, and this summer’s storms and floods have raised concerns over the country’s tenuous food situation.


Aside from hitting headlines for sacking failing officials and boasting about his nukes, Kim has this month been quoted as describing former US president Barack Obama as an ‘a**hole’.

Donald Trump is reported to have told Bob Woodward about the derogatory description in a series of interviews for the Washington Post associate editor’s new book.

Woodward revealed in his book ‘Rage’ that Trump and Kim allegedly wrote 27 letters to each other.

Transcripts of the North Korean dictator’s “love” letters to Trump, revealed by CNN, include him waxing lyrical about the Singapore summit, and wishing the President a happy birthday.

In over eighteen hours of recorded conversations with Woodward, the President also claimed that Kim thought former President Barack Obama was an “a**hole”.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un met in a historic summit in Singapore on June 12 2018 , later referred to by the despot as a setting “reminiscent of a scene from a fantasy film”.


North Korea in past months has severed virtually all cooperation with the South despite battling the coronavirus pandemic and typhoon damage[/caption]


North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un inspected a flood-hit site in Taechong-ri, Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province, last week[/caption]


Typhoon Haishen also hit Ulsan, South Korea[/caption]


Typhoon Haishen swamped homes and roads in South Korea in early September[/caption]




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