Katie Price hires rehab expert and former footballer who worked with Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl to teach her to walk again

KATIE Price has hired rehab expert and former footballer Fred Murray to “teach her to walk again” after she broke both her feet in Turkey.

Fred worked with Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl after the rock star broke his leg during a gig in Sweden in 2015.


Katie Price has hired Dave Grohl’s physio to teach her to walk again after she broke both of her feet in Turkey[/caption]

Dave, 51, famously pulled out of Glastonbury weeks after his horror fall and Katie, 42, has hired the physio who got him back on his feet after she was told it could take her six months to recover.

A source close to Katie exclusively told The Sun Online: “Katie is working with Fred Murray from Remedy – he’s the best in the business and one of the top people in the UK.

“He’ll need to teach her to walk all over again as her feet heal – it could take months but if anyone can do it, he can.”

Fred will start working with Katie when she arrives back in the UK this week.

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Dave Grohl rides a 1 Legged Scooter with his broken leg in a cast[/caption]

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Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl on stage sitting on a special throne due to his broken leg, at Ziggodome, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 05 November 2015[/caption]

Dave Grohl previously said loads of nice things about former Irish footballer Fred, who played for Blackburn Rovers at the height of his career.

He even dedicated a song to him onstage too.

Dave said of Fred back in 2017 during an interview with The Irish Times: “If it wasn’t for Ireland, I wouldn’t be walking right now, because my physical therapist Freddie Murray is from Tipp (County Tipperary).

“He was with me for six months, and I would not be walking if it wasn’t for that guy. 


Princess filmed her mum whizzing around on her wheelchair, before she accidentally bumped one of her casts on the sofa[/caption]

“Four hours a day for six months, he was the one pushing me to get up and do it again.” 

It comes after Katie was forced to hit back at a troll who accused her of lying about breaking both her feet.

In a live video on her daughter Princess’ Instagram, fuming Katie revealed a fan had said she’d had surgery to have bunions.

The fan claimed Katie was pretending she’d broken both heels as a cover up to having bunions removed.


Katie Price fired back at a troll who accused her of lying about her broken feet[/caption]


The mum-of-five broke both her heels after jumping off a wall in a theme park in Turkey[/caption]

A bunion is a painful bump where the big toe connects to the foot. It can be caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes over long periods of time.

“By the way, someone said on my Instagram ‘Oh she has had bunions done on both feet’, Katie said.

“Well, when I have the X-rays and show you, I haven’t had bunions, I have never had bunions in my life!” she added.

Princess, 13, then asked what bunions are and Katie replied: “Like, you know, the side where you get like…that is one thing perfect about me, my feet!

“But obviously they are not perfect now!”

The 42-year-old is on the sunshine getaway with her boyfriend Carl Woods and children, Junior and Princess

Katie’s son Junior has helped his mum get around in the mobility chair during their trip to Turkey[/caption]

The 42-year-old added: “At least I am learning to use the wheelchair better now.”

Last week, The Sun revealed Katie had spent a night in hospital after fracturing both of her heels after jumping off a wall at theme park during a holiday in Turkey.

She’s since been using a wheelchair and has been told she will need pins in her feet to aid her recovery.

Also in Princess’ live video, Katie could be seen whizzing around on her new mobility helper.


Katie is also being looked after by Carl [/caption]

She then accidentally bumped her foot on the sofa and gave out a cry. Princess then shouted for her to take care.

In a video on her YouTube, Katie documented her trip to A&E.

As she begged medics for help, a tearful Katie wailed, “Argh, it f***ing hurts.”


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