Kate Garraway says her husband Derek Draper’s doctors claim ‘contraceptive pill could protect MEN against coronavirus’

KATE Garraway has claimed doctors treating her sick husband Derek Draper told her the contraceptive pill could protect MEN against coronavirus.

The 53-year-old insisted medics were convinced putting the whole nation on the medication could help fight COVID-19.

Kate Garraway begged for answers and was told the Pill could help

She had the conversation with two doctors from separate hospitals as she begged for answers.

It was before Derek was put into an induced coma and any trials had been carried out at the beginning of the coronavirus battle.

Kate said on Good Morning Britain today: “Very early on when Derek first got sick, he was still conscious and wasn’t in the induced coma.

“I was talking to anyone I could about what could be done to help.

Derek Draper is still fighting for his life after his coronavirus battle

“This was pre the trials of some of the thing we’ve seen used like steroids.

“After I asked ‘what would you do right now if you could before the trials’, one doctor said to me at St Thomas’s and one elsewhere, they both said, almost flippantly, they’d put the nation – including men – on the contraceptive pill.

“What we’re seeing statistically, is that actually women seem to be less affected. 

“They both said there must be some connection between oestrogen that’s good in tackling this virus and testosterone that’s not so good.”

Kate’s admission followed a new study that showed women who take the contraceptive pill are less likely to develop “serious coronavirus symptoms”.

After an analysis of more than half a million women, research showed oestrogen plays “crucial role in protecting against Covid-19”.

She put it to Dr Amir Khan, who stood in as a guest GP on GMB today, who said: “We wouldn’t recommend all men going on the contraceptive pill until we’ve seen more evidence.”

Kate’s husband Derek is still fighting for his life following his coronavirus battle.

Although he’s out of his induced coma, the 52-year-old still has “minimal consciousness”.


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