Kanye West wants donations for long-shot 2020 bid despite being bounced from Illinois ballot for invalid signatures


KANYE West is asking for donations for his 2020 presidential campaign, despite getting booted off the ballot in his home state of Illinois over invalid signatures.

Election officials in Illinois reportedly found that 1,900 of the 3,128 signatures West submitted to be included on the ballot are invalid – which puts him 2,500 shy of the required amount.

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Kanye West has been booted off the ballot in Illinois [/caption]

Twitter/Kanye West

West shared his 2020 vision board on Twitter and his website [/caption]

The signatures may have been deemed invalid due to fake names, voters who are not eligible in the state, illegible signatures or something else – though an official reason was not given, according to TMZ.

West’s status on the Wisconsin ballot may also be in question as the states is reportedly looking into his campaign after Democratic party members found signatures for Mickey Mouse and Bernie Sanders on the state’s ballot.

Still, the rapper has outlined his objectives and set up a section on his website asking for donations to his campaign.

Among his objectives are police reform, reviving the nation’s “Constitutional commitment to freedom of religion and the free exercise of one’s faith,” reducing household and student loan debt as well as environmental ambitions such as “pursuing clean air and water as a national security priority.”


West broke down in tears during a chaotic campaign event last month[/caption]


West is reportedly being helped by top Republican strategists [/caption]

His website asks supporters to sign up and pledge donations ranging from $20 to $1,000.

West has already missed the deadline to appear on the 2020 ballot in several states, and it’s unclear if he will be able to get the signatures required to appear on it in others.

On Monday, he reportedly submitted the 1,000 signatures required to appear on the Arkansas ballot, just minutes before a noon deadline. However, he missed the Kansas deadline the same day.

He also reportedly missed deadlines in New York and Maryland.

It was also reported last week that top Republican strategists were helping the rapper to get on the ballots in several states, hoping the campaign would pull votes away from likely Democratic candidate Joe Biden and help President Trump secure a second term.

In an interview with Forbes, West wouldn’t confirm he was receiving help from Republican officials but he did acknowledge that he didn’t mind the idea of taking votes away from Biden.

“I’m not denying it; I just told you,” West said.

When it was pointed out that he won’t be on enough ballots to win 270 electoral votes and winning the election through write-ins is not possible, he simply replied: “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is king.”


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