Jaw-dropping scene as plane with engine failure safely lands on MOTORWAY with trucker’s help


A SHOCKING moment was captured on video when a plane whose engines failed escaped disaster thanks to a quick-thinking truck driver.

Howie Guidry was taking his single-engine craft out for its first flight after an annual inspection when the engines power failed over the state of Louisiana near Galliano.

GALLIANO, LOUISIANA, USA This is the eye-popping moment a plane whose engines have failed dodges disaster thanks to a quick-thinking trucker
Credit: Pen News/Breaux Petroleum

When he realized he couldn’t make it back to the airport, Guidry decided he had to land on the highway, which could have ended in catastrophe, but disaster was averted thanks to a trucker.

Keith Gros, who was driving for local company Breaux Petroleum, spotted the low flying aircraft and took action by blocking the road so it would be clear for landing.

Derek Breaux, Gros’ boss, said, “The plane engines were out so it was silent coming down. Keith spotted it as it swooped into his line of sight and knew it was a plane right away.”

“So he started to slow down, put on emergency flashers and blocked traffic to give room to the pilot for a safe landing,” Breaux said.

GALLIANO, LOUISIANA, USA The plane, which was on its first flight after an annual inspection, had to make an emergency stop on the highway and luckily a trucker blocked the road so it was clear for landing
Credit: Pen News/Breaux Petroleum
GALLIANO, LOUISIANA, USA Howie Guidry single-engine aircraft that had to make an emergency landing on a Louisiana highway
Credit: Pen News/Breaux Petroleum

“The pilot has reached out to meet up with Keith to thank him for his quick action.”

Howie, a nearly 20 year experienced flyer, remembered from his training that, if he had to make an emergency landing, he should use the biggest highway around.

“I had to make fast decision to get on the ground safely,” said Howie to local press.

“Through my years of training, my flight instructors always told me, ‘Fly the plane until you get on the ground. Fly it, fly it. Don’t give up.’”

Thanks to the dashcam on Mr Breaux’s truck, the incredible scene was recorded.

GALLIANO, LOUISIANA, USA Dashcam video from Derek Breaux’s truck captured the incredible moment
Credit: Pen News/Breaux Petroleum

Mr Breaux said, “I am glad our driver’s safety training took over to help navigate this situation and I’m happy the pilot was able to make a remarkable safe landing.”

“Out driver acted swiftly and safely given the circumstances, slowing down traffic and letting them know there was an emergency ahead was all he could really do in the moment.”

“We are glad everyone is safe and there were no injuries or further damage with any parties involved,” he added.

The emergency landing happened Thursday morning at 8 a.m. on highway 3235 near Galliano in south Louisiana.


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