James May: Top Gear star explains partner has put him on a slimming diet 'Pain in the a**'


James May, 57, opened up on his lifestyle overhaul as he sat down for a chat with Rachael Hogg on her FoodTribe YouTube Channel. The former Top Gear presenter credited his “other half” Sarah Frater for helping him advise healthy food and drink alternatives.

He explained: “Sarah my other half has put me on a sort of, I don’t know what it’s called, it’s a diet, it’s a slimming diet.

“It’s a be good to your bowels, be good to your stomach, bowels as in the medieval sense of everything that’s inside you.”

James detailed how to help keep weight off he drinks his tea “black” though he usually prefers it made with leaves.

“So I drink it black, but usually my cup of tea would be made in a pot because it tastes better in a pot. 

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Recently James explained how the coronavirus pandemic has complicated the future of the motoring show.

New restrictions will limit how many countries the stars are able to enter and travel around.

“The effects of lockdown on making TV shows is that we have to retract our ambitions for travel. 

“It’s not just, ‘Can we get on an aeroplane and go somewhere?’ but, ‘Are we going to be able to do anything when we get there?’,” he told The Sun.


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