Isaias regains hurricane strength as 75mph cyclone smashes into SC before it heads north – with NYC braced in its path


ISAIAS has strengthened back into a hurricane again and is expected to pummel the Carolinas as New Yorkers prepare for storm surges and heavy rain.

The National Hurricane Center announced Monday night the storm is expected to make landfall at around midnight near the border of North Carolina and South Carolina.

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Hurricane Isaias has quickly moved up the East Coast and will bring heavy rain, flooding, and strong gusts with it[/caption]

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The storm is expected to make landfall in South Carolina at around midnight on Monday before hitting New York City early Tuesday[/caption]

Carolinians should expect coastal flooding from storm surge, minor wind damage, and inland flooding from torrential rains to hit their areas tonight.

Life threatening winds and storm surges were expected on the coast of the Carolinas, while heavy rains inland could ignite flash floods, the Miami-based forecaster said.

“Only gradual weakening is anticipated after Isaias makes landfall in the Carolinas and moves across the U.S. mid-Atlantic region tonight and Tuesday,” the NHC said.

CNN reported wind gusts of 72mph along the South Carolina coast early Monday evening, and a tornado watch was issued for parts of the Carolinas due to the tropical storm.

As the south prepares to be walloped by Isaias, officials in New York City warned residents that the storm is expected to touch down in the Big Apple by late Tuesday morning.

“Take this storm seriously,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a Monday afternoon press conference, as reported by the New York Post.

Only Lower Manhattan is expected to see a storm surge, de Blasio said.


3 to 6inches of rain is expected to cause flash and urban flooding in the Carolinas[/caption]

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Workers remove a floral bunch from a street in South Carolinas as the storm was set to make landfall at around 8pm[/caption]


Gusts of 72mph were reported on Monday, hours before the storm was expected to hit the North Carolina/South Carolina border[/caption]


Local officials have warned against driving, as roads will likely be flooded[/caption]


Residents in North Carolina should expect flooding from torrential rain[/caption]

City workers have deployed Tiger Dams, or large water-filled, interlocking tubes, to help reduce the anticipated torrent of water in the area.

The city is expected to see 1 to 2feet of flooding when the wet and windy conditions hit.

Travelers flying in and out of New York City airports should expect departure and arrival delays due to thunderstorms, the Federal Aviation Administration said Monday night.

Floridians on the Sunshine State’s east coast were largely spared from Isaias’ wrath over the weekend.

Although the storm slammed Florida with heavy rain and floods, local officials had braced for more serious damage including widespread power outages.

A few hundred people in South Florida had their power knocked out as rainfall for the area totaled between 2 and 4inches, according to the Miami Herald.

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Emergency service crews in New York City were seen deploying Tiger Dams in Lower Manhattan on Monday afternoon[/caption]

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The large orange tubes are interlocked and filled with water[/caption]

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The Tiger Dams were deployed to help reduce the anticipated storm surge in the area[/caption]

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“Take this storm seriously,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told New Yorkers on Monday[/caption]

Isaias has killed two people in the Dominican Republic and stranded nearly three dozen others in Puerto Rico.

President Donald Trump described the hurricane as “very serious during a White House press briefing on Monday evening.

“Storm surge and inland flooding are possible and everyone needs to remain vigilant until it passes,” Trump said.

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South Florida was hit with heavy rain and winds over the weekend[/caption]

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Although most of the state was largely spared, several hundred people were without power[/caption]


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