How to get suncream out of clothes


While a heatwave might cause some of the most glorious weather of the year, topping up your sun cream frequently is vital to stopping the worst of the sun causing any damage. But it can come with the vice of getting stuck into clothes, and can be difficult to get out – which doesn’t look great with your new tan.

Because most sun creams are oil based, they can be tough to remove from clothes.

Since oil is a hydrophobic liquid and does not mix with water, our typical washing machine has a tough time washing out oil in clothing.

However, some simple pretreatments to your wash can stop mishaps from becoming permanent and can even remove the most stubborn of stains.


For white clothes only – sun cream can leave a horrible yellow stain on white clothes.

Wash as normal, then hang your stained white item out in the sun for natural bleaching effects.

If the stain is really not budging, squirt some bleach onto the stain and leave for a maximum of fine minutes before washing off thoroughly.

Dry cleaners

If it’s really bad, don’t mess with it yourself and leave it to an expert.

If you’ve got sun cream on silk, or linen, or some other complicated fabric, trying to remove the stain on your own isn’t worth the risk of potentially ruining your finest items.

For anything delicate or fancy, take it straight to the dry cleaners.


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