How to clean rattan furniture


Rattan is light, durable, and stylish, making it a great option for your garden or rooms inside. However, rattan can start to look grubby pretty quickly. Here’s how to clean rattan furniture.

How to protect rattan

Before thinking about how to clean rattan, you should protect your furniture if you leave it outside.

Cover your rattan garden furniture with a polyester, PVC and water-taped cover throughout the winter or when it rains.

Never leave the cushions which come with rattan furniture outdoors because they will become sodden, mouldy, and discoloured.

Rattan can be bleached and weakened by the sun’s UV rays, so avoid leaving your furniture in direct sunlight.

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Once you are satisfied, dunk a soft cloth in fresh water and rinse the furniture.

Take care not to get the furniture too wet if it is particularly fragile.

The ideal time to clean rattan furniture is on a warm day outside.

If your rattan appears faded, you can renew it yourself with a paintbrush, linseed oil and a cloth.


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