How much did Zach and Tori from Little People sell their house for?


THE selling of the home belonging to Little People, Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff did not go according to plan.

They indicated in the premiere episode of the show that they were looking to put the home behind them as fast as possible.

The couple welcomed their daughter Lilah recently

The couple welcomed their daughter Lilah recently[/caption]

Here is more about the housing dilemma Zach and Tori went through.

Who are Zach and Tori from Little People, Big World?

Zach Roloff, 30, is the son of Matt and Amy Roloff from TLC’s hit reality TV show.

He is the twin brother of Jeremy Roloff and was born with dwarfism, a condition he and his parents share.

He first met Tori in 2010 when she began working on Roloff Farms during pumpkin season.

They have been married for five years and have two kids together, Jackson and Lilah Roloff.

Zach and Tori with their two children

Zach and Tori with their two children[/caption]

What happened to their home?

The reality TV couple had purchased a new home in Oregon for $600,000 but were looking to sell their old home.

In the season premiere, the pair were stressed as no one was making offers to the home they were trying to sell for almost $420,000

Tori felt stressed because she was worried that they would have to make two mortgage payments for the new and old house and not have enough money.

After five months of having the house on the market, it finally sold for much less than what Zach and Tori had envisioned.

Their old house sold five months after being listed

Their old house sold five months after being listed[/caption]

Their three-bed, two-bath home first listed for sale in June of 2018 for $429,500.

Less than a month later, the price was reduced by $10,000 in an effort to attract buyers.

After some time, the final price of the house was negotiated at $382,500.

Where do they live now?

During the sale debacle of the old home, Zach and Tori had purchased their new home as their family continued to grow.

The new property is still close to the Roloff farms, where Zach’s dad Matt lives and is busy running.

Their new home

Their new home[/caption]

Their five bedroom home was built in 1987.

It comes with many amenities: A lengthy driveway, a two car garage, hardwood floors, a pool and a fire-pit lounge area.

The couple purchased the property in May of 2018 and have been living there since.

Matt, the patriarch of the family, also remodeled the home he shares with girlfriend Caryn at the Roloff farms.

Matt Roloff's home in the works of remodeling
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Matt Roloffs’ home in the works of remodeling[/caption]

Zach’s mom Amy, who used to live in the farms as well, moved out with boyfriend Chris Marek and also bought a home in Oregon.

What is Little People, Big World?

Little People, Big World is an American reality TV show that premiered on March 4, 2006, and airs on TLC where it is currently on its 20th season.

The show follows the life of the Roloff family living on a farm near Portland, Oregon.

The 34-acre property serves as part playground and part moneymaker, and was designed by Matt.

Roloff family at their farm

Roloff family at their farm[/caption]

The reality show just started filming their 21st season, but the production was halted due to COVID-19.

Amy revealed on Instagram Live recently that the day before was the first day the family was able to film.

“Yesterday was the first day we were able to film. I had a local crew here.

“My one producer down in LA, he has kids, he stayed there. He’s on a little iPad. It’s weird to have real people with you and then technology.”

Amy with Zach, Tori, boyfriend Chris Marek and her grandkids
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Amy with Zach, Tori, boyfriend Chris Marek and her grandkids[/caption]

She continued: “We’re going in slowly back to filming.

“We have four or five episodes out there that we weren’t able to finish. We’re going to try to finish that.”

Amy plans that the show will be ready to air by Fall.

Zach and Tori's new front porch

Zach and Tori’s new front porch[/caption]

Their new master bathroom

Their new master bathroom[/caption]

A big pool for Lilah and Jackson to play in

A big pool for Lilah and Jackson to play in[/caption]

Their backyard comes with a fire sitting area

Their backyard comes with a fire sitting area[/caption]

Matt Roloff and family

Matt Roloff and family[/caption]

Lilah and Tori

Lilah and Tori[/caption]

Amy hopes new episodes will be ready by Fall

Amy hopes new episodes will be ready by Fall[/caption]


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