Hippies use axes to scare off doggers having sex near their forest homes


HIPPIES living in a forest clashed with doggers who had taken over a beauty spot to have sex.

A pair of woodland dwellers threatened several men with axes after they caught them with their trousers down in broad daylight.

Neil Hope – The Sun

A pair of hippies living in Haldon Forest used axes to scare off doggers[/caption]

Neil Hope – The Sun

Daniel Bacon and Christopher McKinlay both had families living in nearby makeshift homes and were worried about the area being used for public sex[/caption]

Members of the ‘off grid’ community had previously complained to the council about strangers meeting to bonk in the forest by their homes.

Daniel Bacon, 32, and Christopher McKinlay, 42, arrived at a car park in Haldon Forest near Exeter, Devon, separately and both had axes in their boots to collect wood.

Exeter Crown Court heard they waved the weapons at the men having sex and blocked the exit – and only let them leave under orders never to return.

On Wednesday Bacon and McKinlay admitted possession of bladed articles following the incident at 4.15pm on 21 March 2019.

Both defendants had families living in makeshift woodland homes there and were worried about the area being used for public sex.

The court heard calls to take action had been “ignored” for months, but hippies are now seeking to address the issues through a community group.


Judge Timothy Rose sentenced Bacon and McKinlay to 80 hours of community service.

He told them: “Whatever people were or were not doing in the car park, the fact of the matter is that you very significantly frightened them.

“Various members of the public saw you coming towards them with axes held aloft, shouting and behaving in a menacing way.

“They thought they were going to get axes through their windows or worse still, their bodies.”

The community on Haldon Ridge has its own postcode and its residents pay council tax. Some of them have been there for 20 years.

Elsewhere in Birdlip, Glos, doggers have sparked fury from locals who say they cannot enjoy a beauty spot because of people having sex.

Residents in the Cotswolds village say the problem has got worse during lockdown and police are investigating reports of people romping during the day and night.

One resident said: “I will not walk in those top woods any more. I absolutely will not. I find it quite offensive.”

Inspector Simon Ellson, who leads the Cotswolds neighbourhood policing team, said: “There is sexual activity which is taking place but there are also other issues in terms of littering, loud music and general antisocial behaviour so there’s a combination of factors.”


Dogging is not explicitly banned but there are a multitude of offences anyone one caught doing the dirty in public could be charged with[/caption]

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