High Fidelity cancelled: Why has High Fidelity been cancelled by Hulu?


Deadline also reported the series had a “internal support at Hulu, whose brass took extra time to mull a potential renewal, with sibling ABC Signature extending the options on the cast by a month to accommodate that.”

High Fidelity had been two years in the making before it arrived on Hulu in February 2020.

Originally, the series was supposed to air on Disney+, but later moved to Hulu due to the show’s adult themes.

High Fidelity followed the story of Rob (played by Zoë Kravitz), a record store owner living in Brooklyn.

The series is a reminaignging of the 2000 movie, but told from a female’s perspective, with Kravitz stepping into the role of Rob which was orignally played by John Cusack. 

The small-screen romantic-comedy on Hulu sees Rob revist her past relationships through music and pop culture, as she tries to get over her one true love.

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