Heatwave boozers hit town after 35C Scorcher Saturday amid warning pubs creating ‘perfect storm’ for coronavirus spread


BRITS hit the town last night after mercury reached a scorching 35C on Saturday – amid warnings that pubs create a “perfect storm” for coronavirus spread.

Beaches across the coast were full to the brim yesterday – and bars and pubs were the same in Manchester, Portsmouth and Blackpool last night.

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Girls hitting the town in Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth[/caption]


Brits also enjoyed the warm night partying in Blackpool yesterday[/caption]


Revellers made their ways to pubs and bars in Blackpool[/caption]

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Queues for a bar in Manchester last night – despite the local lockdown in the region[/caption]

Yesterday, Britain reached highs of 35C– and the blistering temperatures were followed by a hot, muggy night.

However, the scorching weather didn’t stop revellers enjoying nights out in Blackpool, Portsmouth and Manchester.

Northern Brits last week were hit by bombshell new lockdown laws, meaning they can meet in pub gardens – but NOT in back gardens.

People in the quarantined areas around Manchester are still able to meet in groups of six for a pints, new government guidance says.

The lockdown rules affect 4.5million people in Greater Manchester, parts of East Lancashire and parts of West Yorkshire.


Despite bars and pubs reopening, customers are meant to keep to social distancing guidelines[/caption]


Girls all glammed up for a night out in Blackpool[/caption]

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Some pub-goers seemed to forget social distancing rules in Manchester[/caption]


After the scorching 35C heat on Saturday, revellers enjoyed a night out in Blackpool[/caption]


Two Blackpudlians having an intimate moment on a busy street[/caption]

Pubs were allowed to reopen across the UK on 4 July – sparking joy as Brits were served a pint for the first time since lockdown in March.

However nightclubs remain shut – due to limited social distancing and lower ability to keep areas clean constantly.

Despite the new local lockdown, young people were seen boozing and enjoying themselves in Manchester – however, there didn’t seem to be much social distancing happening.

On Saturday afternoon, beaches in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole were rammed with sun-seekers following the mini heatwave.

It comes after the UK sizzled during the hottest August day for almost 20 years on Friday.

Pubs create the “perfect storm” for spreading coronavirus and carry more risk than planes, according to academics.


A party-goer being helped up after enjoying herself a bit too much[/caption]


Blackpool revellers making their way out for another night on the booze[/caption]

Punters drinking together in an indoor pub are potentially subjecting themselves to a build-up of infected droplets caused by poor ventilation as people have continuous conversations.

The comments come after households mixing in pubs and homes was blamed for a rise in Covid-19 cases in Preston, resulting in it being the latest area to have lockdown restrictions reimposed.

Dr Bharat Pankhania, senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter, pointed out that even after one or two drinks people will drop their guard and are likely to be less cautious.

He said: “What do you do in the pub? Well you drink, and you have a conversation.”

“But several conversations in a confined space equals incrementally raising your voice to be heard.

“So more droplets equals more chance of picking up one droplet that eventually infects the other person.

“It is a perfect storm aided and abetted by alcohol the enabler.”

Dr Julian W Tang, honorary associate professor of respiratory sciences at the University of Leicester, added: “I don’t see planes as a major risk.

“If you ask me would I rather fly on a plane or go to a pub, I’d rather fly on a plane.”


Another pub-goer being helped up off the pavement on a night out in Blackpool[/caption]

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Northern Brits were hit with new lockdown rules last week – but this didn’t seem to stop young people in Manchester[/caption]

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Revellers outside a pub in Manchester last night[/caption]

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Brits went out in Manchester last night – despite the muggy temperatures[/caption]


Pubs have been described as creating a “perfect storm” for coronavirus[/caption]

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Social distancing still seems to be a problem in Manchester [/caption]



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