Hairdressers open near me: Is my hairdressers open today?


July 4 is being dubbed “Super Saturday”, with a number of businesses finally allowed to reopen after months of closures. To the delight of many, hairdressers will finally be allowed to reopen from Saturday. Here’s how you can find out if your hairdressers is open on July 4.

What changes will there be when hairdressers reopen?

The experience of going to the hairdressers will be very different when salons reopen on July 4.

Hairdressers have been allowed to reopen providing they are “covid-secure”.

Hairdresser premises will need to comply with social distancing regulations, and be operating with enhanced health and hygiene practices.

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The Government has issued guidance on opening “close-contact” businesses, which hairdressers will need to adhere to in order to keep staff and customers safe.

This may mean staff and customers will be wearing face coverings along with other PPE.

There may also be less customers than usual in a store at any one time, to allow for two-metres distance at all times.

Some stores may have longer opening hours, and be operating on staggered shift patterns for employees.

Jackie Lang, managing director of Regis UK, told BBC News: “Our clients will be asked not to arrive at the salon before their appointment.

“We will text them to let them know when to come in. There will be no waiting area.”

Hand sanitiser is likely to be available, and some hairdressers may have implemented perspex screens.

Like many businesses which have already opened in recent weeks, some hairdressers may not be accepting cash payments at this time.

Is your hairdressers open today?

The best way to check if your local hairdressers is open is via their website, if you have a regular hairdresser you usually visit.

But if you would like to find out what time local hairdressers in your area are open, there are a number of ways to do this.

Google may tell you what time hairdressers in your area are open, but you can also download an app such as Treatwell.

Treatwell lets you book hair appointments via their app, and you can easily check if your local hairdresser is using this service for appointments.

You can also check apps like Groupon to see if there are any local hair appointments available near you.


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