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Hair loss treatment: A chemical which promotes and stimulates hair growth could be key

Hair loss is just a part of life and one we need to simply deal with. Or is it? New studies are constantly being done to help with the search of a wonder drug which could halt this process and aid in hair growth.

Studies have shown that exposing human skin cells to the artificial sandalwood-like odour Sandalore, could help improve hair loss.

Sandalore is often added to fragrances and moisturisers to give sandalwood its aroma.

It has also been used in previous experiments in investigating its effect on keratin.

Intrigued by the possible effect sandalore has on hair growth, researchers from the Monasterium Laboratory in Munster, exposed the human scalp tissue to sandalore with impressive results.

Sandalore helps with promoting hair growth by acting on the smell receptor OR2AT4, which is present in hair follicles.

When the scalp tissue is exposed to both Sandalore and the rose-like odour Phenirat hair growth stops as Phenirat is known as a OR2AT4 blocker.

Researchers believed this demonstrates that using sandalore oil and rubbing it into the scalp could help stimulate hair growth.

Researchers added that this could help them develop a balding treatment for humans.


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