GMB fans rage at packed Ryanair flight as travel expert Simon Calder fails to social distance with ‘mask slipping off’

GOOD Morning Britain’s Simon Calder left viewers raging today when he showed off a packed Ryanair flight and failed to social distance.

People watching at home were not happy with the travel expert when he let his mask slip and exposed his nose on a packed flight, before also swapping seats.

GMB viewers were not happy with travel expert Simon Calder today when he let his mask slip and exposed his nose on a packed flight

Simon shared his shocking experience as he boarded the flight this morning following the decision to open air bridges from the UK to Europe after weeks of coronavirus lockdown.

Simon encouraged viewers to fly abroad on holiday, as told GMB hosts Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh: “You can take your holiday and of course as soon as you get to somewhere like Greece the rate of infection is so much lower.

“You go and out sit on a beach where you are less likely to get the virus.”

He added: “Look there are risks in life and travel, and I would say that the risks in driving (to) France are far higher than getting a short flight.”

Simon moved seats midway through his live report from a Ryanair flight

Simon revealed how impossible it is to follow social distancing measures on the packed flight as he turned the camera around and revealed other passengers.

But viewers were furious over his report, as they spotted travellers were not wearing a protective mask.

One said: “Simon Calder why did he swaps seats that’s cross contamination surely and the bloke next to him didn’t have a mask on his face”

Another viewer spotted: “So that’s two seats that Simon has sat in..spreading the covid juice”

Another Ryanair traveller was spotted with his mask under his chin

Another screamed at the telly: “Simon keep that face mask OVER your NOSE..!!”

And one more blasted: “Simon Calder on #GMB is not exactly giving anyone confidence to get on a flight is he.”

A full list of the countries people can travel to without quarantining is expected to be published today, July 2.

The first air bridges to low-risk countries could be in force from as early as July 4.

But Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said no announcement will be made until the UK’s quarantine measures are officially reviewed.

Simon said he had heard unconfirmed reports that Portugal would make the list, despite seeing a rise in coronavirus cases in Lisbon.

He told viewers: “I’m getting indications that Portugal will be allowed along with Turkey”


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