Ghislaine Maxwell could go to Manhattan jail where Jeffrey Epstein died


Ghislaine Maxwell may end up in the same Manhattan jail where her infamous pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein killed himself while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges, a former federal prosecutor told The Post on Friday.

“In my experience, someone who is remanded would be held either at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan or at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn,” said Roland Riopelle, a former assistant US attorney with the Southern District of New York, who now works in private practice.

Epstein hanged himself last year inside his cell at the MCC, a grim concrete building in Lower Manhattan, where he was locked up after his arrest for the alleged sexual abuse of dozens of young women.

Maxwell was busted in New Hampshire on Thursday on a six-count Manhattan federal indictment for allegedly recruiting underage girls for Epstein, her former lover.

While the disgraced British socialite is currently being held without bail at Merrimack County Jail in New Hampshire, she’s expected to be transferred in the coming days to New York to face trial.

Riopelle said most Manhattan federal inmates spend their first week in Special Housing Units in the city while they’re being processed. But she could remain long-term in one of the dreaded units, which have stringent security measures, he said.

“That is where particularly high-profile or particularly dangerous inmates sometimes go,” Riopelle said.

Someone who is believed to be at risk from other inmates, like child molesters, who are often attacked by others, are often placed there.”

If Maxwell lands at the MCC — sometimes dubbed the “Guantanamo of New York” — authorities are expected to keep a close eye on her after their failure to prevent Epstein’s demise.

His death was officially ruled a suicide by hanging, but a forensic pathologist hired by his brother says he believes Epstein was murdered.


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