Family gives away 14-year-old’s belongings for taking car on joyride


‘Carma’ can be cruel.

An Arizona teenager was forced to give away all of his belongings as punishment for taking his parents’ car on a joyride while they were on vacation, according to a local report.

Angel Martinez, 14, sat on his bed outside his family’s Phoenix home for hours Monday, with a sign that read: “Sorry I stole my parent’s car and was speeding,” Fox 10 reported.

Clothes, a TV and a bedroom set were all handed out to neighbors for free to punish the teen for ‘fueling’ around.

“Today, his room is 100 percent empty, and we’re giving all his stuff away,” dad Ramon Martinez told the outlet.

Martinez and his wife were in Las Vegas celebrating their anniversary when they received a call from Phoenix Police saying their Range Rover had been spotted speeding around the neighborhood.

Their son said: “I just wanted to drive but I don’t have a license so I just took it.”

The teen explained the idea to take the car for a ride came as he was washing it and thought: “I’m gonna go for one spin until it dries.”

His dad said cleaning house was a way to apologize to neighbors for Angel’s reckless behavior.

“We’re neighbors as well. He could’ve run someone over. Something really bad could’ve happened,” Ramon said.

The teen said he understood the ‘unwheel’ punishment.

“It’s kind of weird, but I think it’s a fair punishment,” he said.


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