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Emmerdale fans convinced jealous Rhona is falling in love with mucky Moira

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Rhona Goskirk is falling in love with Moira Barton – after she appeared jealous that the farmer was moving on with a new man.

The vet – who is played by actress Zoe Henry in the ITV soap – bought into Moira’s farm and brought in new business but the pair have been growing closer since.

Andrea shot Moira a look that screamed sexual tension

In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, Rhona kept Moira out of a meeting with restaurant owner Ricky – but when Moira hinted fancied him, Rhona seemed upset.

Moira asked her: “Did he flirt with you? Only I think he was coming onto me. I can’t be sure, maybe he’s like that with everyone.

But as Rhona said he didn’t flirt with her and they stuck with business, there was an edge in her voice.

She appeared jealous that Ricky may ask Moira out – more than just worried about being caught out.

Moira asked Andrea if Ricky had flirted with her
Moira asked Andrea what she thought of the restaurant owner

Moira told her: “No, I think I would’ve turned him down anyway. I’m happy as I am. 

“I’ve got my kids, business is on the up and it’s nice to know I can still pull – life could be worse.”

Rhona’s reaction gave fans the hint that something more was going on and that Rhona is developing feelings for Moira.

Andrea tried to laugh it off but inside she was raging
Andrea didn’t look impressed by Moira’s confession

One wrote: “wish nate would stop trying to break rhona and moira up they’re in LOVE son”

A second said: “…DO not get me started on the Rhona and Moira tension because 😜 😜

Viewers know Rhona went behind Moira’s back to bag the deal with Ricky’s chain of restaurants and teamed up with Nate.

Moira had a far away glint in her eye
Andrea’s face was a picture as Moira told her she thought Ricky had been flirting with her

Nate seduced Moira to get revenge on his dad Cain – and destroyed their marriage in the process.

He was later set up at Butler’s Farm by Kim Tate in an effort to put Moira out of business.

And she later was forced to accept investment from Rhona to stay afloat – but she wants nothing to do with Nate.


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