Donald Trump says ‘more white people’ are killed by cops after he’s asked about George Floyd death

PRESIDENT Donald Trump firmly stated that “more white people” are killed by police officers after he was asked about George Floyd’s death.

After acknowledging that George Floyd‘s death was a “terrible thing” during an interview on Tuesday, President Trump was questioned: “Why are African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?”


Trump acknowledged that George Floyd’s death was a ‘terrible thing’ during an interview on Tuesday[/caption]


George Floyd was killed while in police custody on Memorial Day[/caption]


CBS’s Catherine Herridge interviewed Trump on Tuesday[/caption]

Speaking to CBS’s Catherine Herridge, Trump said: “And so are white people, so are white people.

“What a terrible question to ask. So are white people. More white people, by the way. More white people.”

The question comes after weeks of peaceful protests, riots, and looting across the country- which stemmed from George Floyd’s Minneapolis death.

According to an investigation and police shooting database, shared by the Washington Post on Tuesday, it is true that more white Americans have died while in police custody than Black Americans throughout recent years.

However, the study – of police shootings in the last five years – revealed the disproportionate rate at which Black Americans are shot at by police.

The study claims that Black Americans “account for less than 13 percent of the US population, but are killed by police at more than twice the rate of white Americans.”

Also found to be killed by police at an unfair rate, are Hispanic American, the study says.


Trump said ‘more white people’ are dying in the hands of law enforcement across the United States[/caption]

The study only took in account shootings and excluded incidents where a gun was not used, like Floyd’s May 25 death.

Thirty-one in one million Black Americans were found to have died in police shootings, according to The Post.

The Post found the number was higher than the 13 per one million white Americans found to have died in police shootings.

“States with the highest rates of shootings are New Mexico, Alaska and Oklahoma,” the database explained.

During the interview on CBS Evening News, the President branded the confederate flag as “freedom of speech,” adding that he is comfortable with “freedom of speech.”

He was answering a question on whether he feels the controversial flag should belong in a museum.

“Whether it’s confederate flags or Black Lives Matter or anything else you want to talk about. It’s freedom of speech,” Trump explained.

He reiterated his stance on the confederate flag’s place in American society, about a week after he suggested that NASCAR made a mistake in banning the symbol.

Donald Trump

Trump attends a news conference at the White House July 14, 2020[/caption]

Also speaking in the CBS interview, Trump stressed the importance of children going back into schools in the fall.

When asked what he would tell parents and teachers who think it is unsafe to send children back to school, he said: “I would tell parents and teachers that you should find yourself a new person, whoever is in charge of that decision.

“It’s a terrible decision.”

Meanwhile, the massive Black Lives matter mural outside of Trump Tower in New York City was vandalized with red paint on Monday morning.

The Black Lives Matter mural is one of five that have been painted in each of NYC’s boroughs and was painted by local artists last week.

A few days before the vandalism, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio slammed Trump for saying the BLM mural on Fifth Avenue would “denigrate” its luxury.

Protesters across the United States have been pushing for government and city officials to “defund the police” following the death of George Floyd.

The demonstrations called for an end to racism and police brutality after a video emerged online of former police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on 46-year-old Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes while he was pinned to the ground.


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