Dan Walker brands Piers' GMB a 'pound shop Gogglebox' after Matt Hancock interview remarks


So, on Tuesday when Dan was interviewing Mr Hancock about the all important coronavirus testing figures – which haven’t been released to the public for the past 39 days – Piers was left dumbfounded.

GMB is currently being boycotted by government ministers, who as Piers believes, are “too scared” to come on the show and face him.

Instead, they are appearing on other news outlets such as ITV’s rival BBC Breakfast.

On Monday, Dan jokingly suggested Piers show BBC interviews with the government on GMB for their viewers to watch considering they are not getting any interviews from ministers themselves.

But it seems there ITV host took on the idea, as a clip of the Health Secretary’s response was shown to GMB’s viewers yesterday morning.

The clip showed Dan struggling to get a word in edge ways and before long the shot returned to Piers and Susanna Reid, who provided commentary (and critique) on the interview.

The ITV host has never been one to hold his tongue and this morning he really let himself go – lets face it, we all knew he wasn’t going to give Dan a pat on the back!


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