Dan Osborne insists ‘I’m not poor’ after revealing money worries despite Jacqueline Jossa’s I’m A Celeb win


DAN Osborne has backtracked on his comments complaining about his money woes and insisted “I’m not poor”.

The former Towie star made the clarification on his Instagram stories just two days after saying he was going through a “hard time”.


Dan Osborne hit back at people who thought he was crying poor[/caption]

Dan, 29, had hit back at critics of his advertised posts saying he did them because he needed  “feed my kids and pay my bills just like everyone else”.

His tattoo shop, Paradise Ink, had also been shut for months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many believed Dan was crying poor, but the reality star does not want people thinking he does not have any money.

He said: “I did a story yesterday just basically saying how because I’ve been on TV doesn’t mean that you’re rich.


He said just because he’d been on TV, didn’t make him rich[/caption]

But he promised he was definitely not poor
The former Towie star also launched a new business called Prize Paradise

He said it was an opportunity for people to win amazing prizes and things they’d always wanted[/caption]

“Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and that I had to work.

“I’m not poor, I didn’t say that, but I’m not rich I need to work like everyone.”

“But I’ve got good news that I want to share with you now.”

The dad-of-three went on to tell his 1.1million followers about his “new business venture”.

Wife Jacqueline Jossa is doing well for herself after winning I’m A Celeb last year and having a successful In The Style range

Called Prize Paradise, the new business will give people the opportunity to win “incredible prizes”.

Dan promised to deliver the prizes himself to anywhere across the country when he could.

The Celebrity Big Brother finalist did not go into much more detail about Prize Paradise but asked people to follow it on Instagram.

Dan said on Tuesday, people make presumptions about his wealth because of his public profile and marriage to former EastEnders star, Jacqueline Jossa.

Channel 5

He made £60,000 after coming third on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018[/caption]

He said: “People assume that because you’ve been on TV once, that you’re rich.

“No! I have to make a living as well.”

Dan appeared on the Essex based reality series for two years until 2015 and most recently came third on the 2018 series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Making it to the finale of CBB won Dan a £60,000 pay day but was not enough to keep him out of financial trouble.

He’s dad of Ella, 5, and Mia, 2 with Jac and has a son Teddy, 6, from a previous relationship

Dan’s financial fortunes could not be any more different from his wife Jac who is capitalising on her win in the I’m A Celeb jungle.

After hitting TV screens in 2010 as Lauren Branning in the popular BBC soap, the actress is now estimated to be around £1.2million.

She was reportedly taking home a six-figure salary during her time on the show.

The mum-of-two was paid £75,000 for her appearance on ITV’S I’m A Celebrity in 2019 and has gone on to make a huge amount of money since.

Channel 5

The reality star can rake in the big bucks for advertised posts on Instagram[/caption]

Jacqueline has gone on to become a huge influencer who is paid for certain Instagram posts and even has her own range with In The Style.

She was reportedly paid around £500,000 for her range and is bound to rake in more after it was the company’s biggest launch ever.

Jac and Dan got married in 2017 and have two daughters together, Ella, 5, and Mia, 2.

Dan has son Teddy, 6, from a previous relationship.



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