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Daily horoscope for August 7: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Friday’s horoscope kicks-off with Venus entering the star sign Cancer. Astrologers agree the next four weeks are consequently the time to celebrate family values.

However, it is arguably still too early for this combination to fully take effect.

But for now, you should already be able to feel a change in the atmosphere.

After almost five months of trying to find love online, today marks an important time to experience closeness in real life.

So be brave and attempt to give romance a go at the end of another working week.

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Come the afternoon, the Moon forms a Square with the fiery planet Venus in Gemini, providing an element of confusion.

However, be warned and avoid at all costs acting on these impulses.

The Moon enters Aries next and you might be raring to shake off whatever negativity is burdening you.

Then at this time, Venus enters Cancer offering an additional boost to affairs of the heart.

The Aries Moon heads to Mercury tonight, suggesting a readiness to speak your mind.


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